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    72 Sprint interior parts

    Hey whats up?? I am restoring a 73 Mach 1 but was given a 72 Sprint for parts. The only problem is the 72 spent the better part of 20 years in a woods and yes a tree fell on it busted the rear window and drivers door window, not much left of the interior, all body panels either bent or rusted...
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    1973 H code Mach 1
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    First glimpse of new paint (with pic)

    If you dont mind, what is the paint code or color of the yellow. I have a 73 that i have been kicking around between green or yellow to do. Looking at about a year and a half till i am ready for paint, and from what i see on your hood it is GREAT, hope mine turns out. Thank you for you time
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    71 Sportsroof Craigslist

    and by the date on the pictures they are 4 years old
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    73 H code MACH 1
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    Allow me to Introduce myself!

    Welcome from the Eastern Shore, this is a great site, i check it everyday always something good to read.... the people on here CARE about our cars and answer any question you can come up with. I also have a 73 Mach1 basket case, will be a couple of years before it see the road but it will make it.
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    hybrid led tail lights

    Looks great, one question, you said they are bright.... are they brighter than when the brake light is on?? And i would be interested in a set myself.
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    Dash vin plate missing

    On my 73 the vin plate on the dash is missing, is there a way of replacing it?? The vin is on the drivers door and my title. Anyone else had this problem??
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    great paint job ;)

    They cant park the car somewhere else, it is the paint job on the van!!
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    Car Insurance Question

    Called my insurance co today, they will not insure my 73 because it is in restoration "not running", has anyone had this problem and what did you do. Want to tag it so the locals wont complain about an untaged car being worked on!!
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    need help finding info

    I just saw the other day, someone cleaned up their dash cluster and repainted it. They had pictures, i wanted to reread it to see what paint they used but i can't find the post. Can anyone help please??
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    "Line Drawing" Pics of my 73 Mustang Convertible

    Beautiful home also!!
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    HELP With Removal Of Broken Wheel Stud

    PB BLASTER and a big hammer, no heat because of wheel cylinders, take the drum off first that will let you see everything better