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    1971 WTH is that

    Looks to me the car was chopped and someone tried to pick a windshield that fit height wise, however did NOT fit the body lines on the sides. In my opinion the car needs a lot of work however i can see it could be more appealing to non purest with the nose redesigned, side flares removed or at...
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    3 week build from a bucket of bolts

    Yes I also know about the "295/50R15s with about 4 1/2" of backspacing" on my car haha I guess a popular look on these cars.
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    Barn finds that YOU found

    It is a 1989 bronco II and is actually for sale 302 V8 conversion and manual transmission. Nice caddy!!! But I wouldn't mind finding that bronco II you have in a barn!! Is that an 89? Still looking to pick another one up some day!
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    Barn finds that YOU found

    My recent "Barn Find" was after a guy at the auto parts store told me he met a lady that had a 56 Cadillac and her husband passed away after buying the car from the original owner and letting it sit untouched in over 25+ years. She wanted it gone because she was paying a $75 storage locker bill...
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    Media Blasting

    I used the black diamond aggressive blast material on the structure of my car and was happy with how it preformed, it can be bought in a 50lf bag at northern tool at a reasonable price. Looks like you got a nice project ahead of you, good luck.
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    Not a happy camper right now......really down!

    Man I feel your pain been there before, A lot of others stated above that from my experience it can be engine and or trans mounts not aligning up or like showed below from running solid mounts, vibrations and putting stress on the drivetrain. The way it cracked looks like it is from stress from...
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    Powerful cars are not for kids

    +1 on the go karts, racing and going fast in a more controlled safer environment to learn and take smaller steps on handling and control before jumping right onto the street with something that is way over your head. Dirt is one of the best ways to learn throttle and overall control of a...
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    mounting to the Rotisserie

    I went to the front bumper mounts in the front and then made my own brackets that use the shackle mounts in the rear and drop down to square tubing for the rear. Its nice to do the rear on the shackle mounts because you can get all around the whole area while prepping the body.
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    UnderBody Work | Need new floor pans and inner rocker panels - advice?

    I would say if the doors close ok now and the gaps look good you should be alright as I don't know maybe someone here can give you some measurements convertibles to check. As far as measurements after as long as the person doing the work supports the car before cutting you should be ok as it...
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    Tempest's 1972 Mustang Mach 1 restoration process...

    I just got a 73 fastback partially restored and sold and currently in the process of moving and upgrading the garage so the 72 got put on hold for the next few months. I will post some pics once I get cracking back on it hopefully by mid February at the latest.
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    UnderBody Work | Need new floor pans and inner rocker panels - advice?

    I did full floor pans driver side and passenger side in my fastback along with one rocker panel and it took me around 35-40 hours if you want another estimate on time and pictures in my build thread on this site. I used mustang coupe seat pans and modified them to fit the fastback as they sat up...
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    Anyone here know of a good, one-run vinyl decal shop?

    Kurt, try I have used them on a circle track car on numerous times. Their prices are reasonable and have a quality product. If you go to the packages area and pick a random race car you can just upload an image and set all dimensions and effects and it also gives...
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    73 Mach I Long Term Project

    Good Luck with the rebuild, I just finished rebuilding my C4 also, they are a great transmission to learn on. If you run into any questions there is a great YouTube video with 3 parts that really helped me out if you search rebuilding C4 transmission. The guy goes through everything step by step...
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    1973 Mustang fastback for sale Southeast NC

    Thanks but on the glass half full approach if it does sell it will free up some workshop space to work on another 71-73 mustang..
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    1973 Mustang fastback for sale Southeast NC

    Selling my 1973 Mustang fast back great car click the link for long detailed description of the car and 50 + pictures. Runs great no problems asking $8500 clean NC title in hand. Located in Fayetteville NC, message me here or in the link i listed my number, thanks for looking ....Rick...