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    convertible top white

    Its on Ebay as of today. Do not have any bids yet so I could pull it.
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    convertible top white

    Just the Front section Description: Mustang Top, Front Section Only. Manufacturer:Robbins Part Number: 6206 Convertible Top vinyl 1724 Price: $187.00
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    convertible top white

    No. Its a $187.00 plus shipping top new. I would take $70.00 plus actual shipping if that helps.
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    Need a seat track

    One of my seat tracks rusted the mount off. I need the side that does not have the adjustment handle. Thanks
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    convertible top white

    Lowered price to $75.00 plus shipping
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    convertible top white

    It's new never installed no stains
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    convertible top white

    I have a new robbins white top model 6206 which fits our 71-73 mustangs. This is the top only Does not include the rear window. . Reduced to 75.00
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    cheap rear leafs

    Has anyone used any leafs springs from newer vehicles? Might be cheaper and easier to get than new. I know guys are using explorer rear axles would explorer leafs work? Thanks
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    73 Deluxe Interior door handle differences

    I found out that if you have the deluxe interior on a 1973, you cannot use standard interior door handle hardware. In the picture im holding the standard, and the lower has a extension on it.
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    Rear window Plastic or Glass

    For those who have replaced their tops, did you put in glass or plastic rear windows. If you had to do it again what would you use? I have a replacement top but need a rear curtain/window and would like your opinion. Thanks
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    radio mount/bezel

    I have a 73 and need a radio mount/bezel. Thanks
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    Mike from Minnesota intro

    Not to bad. I looked a a few in MN and the sub frames were shot. Found this one in WI, and the car is solid. It had rear quater panels put on it at some time in the past. Good fenders, just some smaller rust repairs.
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    Mike from Minnesota intro

    What a great site. This is my third mustang, 2nd 73, and first convert. In the mid 80's i was in high school and had a 73 Mach. I not sure how we gathered information and parts back then without the internet. My goal is to get this car painted for the summer, then next winter work on the...
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    Car stereo

    My wife surprised with a classic car stereo .com, car stereo days after I cut my radio mount for a din type. Anyone want to trade a radio mount with a very precise din cut for a stock one?