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    Workin' on the wife's car

    Stripes look great, just need some black rims to tie it all together.
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    Heads Up Display HUD anyone use one?

    ^ I do the same as Luxstang. My speedo doesn't work so I just use my phone reflecting off the windshield.
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    Although I think you should consider JW Speaker or Sealed7 headlights for it. Keep with the black look. I do believe some come with halos now also.
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    At work they block certain images, and for some reason yours never get through. Then on days off I'm rarely near a computer. So every time I see a new post at work I am always curious how it looks. It has been a while since I got to see your images. When I seen the paint and graphics on your...
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    What did you do to your car today?

    Made some serious progress last night. Spent the better part of yesterday morning getting the heads assembled.  My cam showed up yesterday afternoon so last night from 8pm to midnight we swapped out cams, mounted the new heads and got the valve train together.  I have to admit I'm pretty darn...
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    I didnt install an in tank pump but on youtube check out Autoedit and his mustang build. In one of his more recent videos he cut the top of the tank and installed a pump. Made it look quite easy.
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    351 cleveland

    Intake, Headers and a more aggressive cam will net you a lot of power. These engines (especially the 4v) like to rev. One word of caution though is the stock 2 piece valves are known to fail and can wipe out an engine. So I would also highly recommend upgrading to stainless one piece valves.
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    Aaaarrrgghh! UPDATED

    Just found this thread. Sorry to see the accident, but thankfully not much damaged. I had been thinking of painting my bumpers black, it turned out very well on your car. Looks good!
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    Vozaday Build

    Decided to grab the weiand intake I had bought in the summer for a coat of paint. Just need to decide if I’m willing to take apart the FiTech to paint it black or keep it silverish.
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    Vozaday Build

    New heads look awesome though. Can’t wait to get these bolted on.
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    Vozaday Build

    The good news on the old heads is it did have stainless one piece valves. The bad news was no bronze guides and this isn’t the only crack I’ve found.
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    Vozaday Build

    Yes it does. And yes the .060 does concern me a little. I’m going to pay attention to my coolant and start building a short block next winter. Run it as it is this year. With our conversations I’m going to go back with the 284hr since compression isn’t as much of an issue.
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    Vozaday Build

    Tore down the engine today to get ready for the new heads. Was disappointed to find dished pistons. But on the plus side I can run this cam for a year and upgrade next year.
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    Time For New Carb?

    Another option is to consider going EFI at this point. Its not a ton more than a carb. $800 for the 400hp unit and then add on another $200-300 for fuel pump and fuel lines. Its an easy swap as you can use the existing hard line and then use the fuel tank vent as the return line. Food for thought.
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    Vozaday Build

    That is definitely part of my consideration. Ive played with that calculator a little. I’ve gotten a ton of photos of opened up CC’s so worst case I’ll do some grinding. But I’m definitely going to run flat top pistons.