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  1. Nightbeacon

    $20k-$30k for a paint job?

    I recently contacted a recommended custom shop in Utah inquiring about building a plan to upgrade several systems on my '72 vert survivor. Top priority now is a to-the-metal priming and repainting - but I nearly threw my own piston when he quoted me the price above. And, he won't do a carb...
  2. Nightbeacon

    My Lady

  3. Nightbeacon


    If I'm not mistaken, the recommended 1972 leaded octane rating for the 351C-2V was 91, so I'm putting unleaded premium in my convertible.  Under hard acceleration, I'm still getting ping and always back off to avoid damage. What can I add to the unleaded to reduce/stop ping?  She just had a...
  4. Nightbeacon

    "Mustang Mach-E"

    I'm rather shocked to read Ford is serious about using "Mustang-inspired" stuff for its upcoming crossover EV.  CarBuzz says Mustang DNA is sorely needed in the rest of the Ford lineup,  but I think anything Mustang applied to other vehicles is dangerous.  Ford even owns the trademark name...