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    tie rod ends

    what do you know about idler arm bushings. i have found the bushing that connects to center link D5DZ-3358-A. but what about the bushing that connects the bracket to idler arm ? i would love that number. my book doesnt show it.
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    tie rod ends

    i called mevotech.... they dont make the inner w/o zerk. in any case i am currently on the path to refinishing my originals instead of replacing them. after reviewing advise here and elsewhere, i think that will be best for me. preferred as well.
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    tie rod ends

    after listening to advise.... i am working toward restoring my originals. instead of replacing. although i will be installing new dust boots and idler arm bushings. of which leads me to a new question..... regarding idler arm. i have easily found a new bushing (D5DZ-3358-A) that connects idler...
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    tie rod ends

    my 1971 grande inner and outer tie rod ends did NOT come with grease zerks from factory. i look, and look, and look... but i am not finding anyone that makes tie rod ends without the zerks. does anyone out there make these tie rod ends without the zerks for an original oem factory look ? or even...
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    I need pics of the underside

    this is mine. hope it works
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    2020 Calendar Photo Request!

    we are currently in full on restoration mode. this car has always been custom painted dark grey since day one. we are taking it back to factory in every way. back to grabber lime. original interior dark green. even had the original 351c 4v rebuilt as close to factory specs as possible. i am a...