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  1. Billw69

    New member eager to learn from this forum!

    Welcome and Congratulations from Minnesota!! As a recent retiree also I can tell ya ……. It’s a positive lifestyle change!! Enjoy
  2. Billw69

    Parts For Sale 71-73 interior, exterior and chassis/ under hood parts

    Hello, I’m interested in the gas’s cap and one set of the spring mounts. Lmk which items are still available, thanks.
  3. Billw69

    Hello from southwestern Minnesota!

    Hello and welcome from Cannon Falls!
  4. Billw69


    Minnesota says hello and welcome!!
  5. Billw69

    Would you buy a 71-73 again?

    Yes, not only would I….. but I DID!
  6. Billw69

    Boss price

  7. Billw69

    Boss price

    Is it just me or is that spoiler mounted too far forward…?? Just one of the odd aspects out this auction.
  8. Billw69

    Accelerator and kick down cables not lining up

    As for the kick down….. I’m not sure, I run a 4 speed.
  9. Billw69

    Accelerator and kick down cables not lining up

    From the pic it looks about right…. To attach to the upper part of the linkage and you may have to compress the spring and cable a bit for the alignment, I know I do on mine.
  10. Billw69

    71/73 Mustang Parts For Sale

    Also searching for a 15x7 magnum 500 rim or a pair if you have any. Thank you, Bill
  11. Billw69

    71/73 Mustang Parts For Sale

    Good evening, I’m looking for a 351C block, DOAE or DIAE castings. Please let me know what your block availability might be. Thank you, Bill
  12. Billw69

    Hot Brake Drum

    I’ll add my two cents ……. Make sure the brake shoe with shorter pad length is on the front on both sides….. easy to miss but important for correct function ….ask me how I know.
  13. Billw69

    Master cylinder question.

    Just went through this on my car with Oreiley auto parts…… the rebuilt I received from them had a compromised internal cylinder surface. I only discovered this after installing it, found it leaking and then putting in a rebuild kit and discovering it still leaked. This proved to be a MAJOR...
  14. Billw69

    Broken break bleeder….

    I’d hang on to everything…… rock auto or local parts store items come from all over the world, and while a close reproduction it seems none are perfect. Comes down to what you want for your car.
  15. Billw69

    Hello From Central Florida

    Welcome from SE Minnesota! Great pics, thnx for sharing!
  16. Billw69

    Ram air and distributor issues

    Beautiful engine bay Roland!
  17. Billw69

    Little Plastic Fillers Top Of Fenders

    Agree, easy to remove and replace with the fenders on.
  18. Billw69

    Street Machine Summer Nationals 2022 in St. Paul

    Sounds good, I’ll keep ya posted. We are heading to the pro- moto on Saturday or we’d be at the show. Cheers