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  1. Billw69

    Soliciting input for clutch and pressure plate.

    Gents, I have a chattering clutch during engagement and being aware of some possible oil contamination and or rust on the flywheel/pressure plate from being parked for 20+ years I’m going to tear it down in anticipation of replacing the clutch disc, pressure plate, and resurfacing the flywheel...
  2. Billw69

    Boss oil pan

    Looking for a Boss 351 oil pan. Also looking for a 1970-1971 351 four bolt motor. Thanx for lookin
  3. Billw69

    WTB……1 magnum 500 wheel….

    As title says, looking for one magnum 500 wheel in 15x7. Thanx
  4. Billw69

    A quick feel good acknowledgment…..

    It’s the small victories! My B1 has been plagued with a slow reading tach since I “reaquired” it last year. As I sort the car out, I’m able to overlook a lot of imperfections…. But not one that glares at me every time I’m in the car! Full well knowing it wasn’t that way before. After...
  5. Billw69

    Tremec upgrade.

    Does anyone have experience with putting a Tremec TKX into a ‘71 ? I’m constantly finding myself looking for an additional gear in my car and would like input regarding the instal and stock shifter location compatibility for this setup. Thanx
  6. Billw69

    Strut supports

    WTB shock tower strut supports, prefer stock ( not chrome) and reasonable condition, thanks
  7. Billw69

    WTB PCV tube

    Looking for a molded rubber PCV vent tube for Boss 351
  8. Billw69

    WTB Boss 351 oil pan

    Looking for Boss 351 oil pan and dipstick.
  9. Billw69

    New guy

    Hello new guy here. I recently reaquired a B1 and looking forward to restoring and driving it…… AS SOON AS THE SNOWS GONE!! Cheers from Minnesota, Bill