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  1. mjlan

    Trouble with ram air fitting on 429

    Yes, with the offset adapter ring removed the air cleaner to hood seal is now centered on the hood plenum opening if you are using engine mounts that locate the engine in the spot as the original mounts.
  2. mjlan

    Parts Wanted Looking for a 71 429 SCJ intake d0oe-9425-C

    Where are you located? This is about the going rate for a marine intake with a later date code...
  3. mjlan

    Trouble with ram air fitting on 429

    Not sure if you are aware- the ram air air cleaner base for a 429 is different than the aftermarket version- the aftermarket version is for a small block which sits closer to the firewall and requires the seal to be offset forward to line up with the hole in the hood plenum. I messed around...
  4. mjlan

    Welding floor onto rocker

    I screwed the floor pan to the inner rocker with self-tapping sheet metal screws to keep it flush. I think I popped holes every 2" or so in the floor pan flange and put a screw in every other hole, then welded up the holes as I pulled the screws out.
  5. mjlan

    Motorcraft FL 1A oil filter cut apart

    Engine Masters has done an oil filter comparison, not sure of the episode info. It contained some good info I thought.
  6. mjlan

    Which lift is preferred (2 post or 4 post)?

    If you mainly use it for repair then to me the 2-post is a no-brainer. I have worked on stuff with a drive-on lift and I did not care for it. I don't like having to work around the ramps and always seem to hit my head on them when they are up. Just my $0.02...
  7. mjlan

    Deluxe door panels do not line up with door handle movement

    Deluxe on top, handle for standard panels is on the bottom
  8. mjlan

    2022 T-Shirt Pre-Sale!

    Just put my order in, thanks for doing this again!
  9. mjlan

    Value of 1969 429 and C6 from T-Bird

    Chuck, $400-$600 depending on how generous you are feeling. My random thoughts: 1) 69 is too early for a thick bulkhead block. 2) Some early T-birds used a really weird crank-driven PS pump (which is hard to find parts for) and a shorter than normal water pump which will cost extra to convert...
  10. mjlan

    Parts Wanted Looking for 71 bell housing

    I think so? I'm almost positive but I have been wrong before... As far as I know all big block (385 series) bells are the same depth, and I think that other truck bells for the 351M/400 would be the same depth as well, as long as it was out of a truck. A truck bell would have a 'T' as the third...
  11. mjlan

    Parts Wanted Looking for 71 bell housing

    The major difference between late model truck bells and the correct, late-60's car bellhousing is the clutch fork pivot. At some point in the 70's they switched from the simple 90* bracket with a slot for the fork spring to a wedge. The bolt holes are the same though, so you can switch the wedge...
  12. mjlan

    Parts Wanted Looking for 71 bell housing

    Not mine, but this is a decent deal...
  13. mjlan

    71 Mach1(Trans Am) 2" nose drop

    Looking great! Can you provide some more info on the Opentracker clutch linkage parts? Does this modify the equalizer bar pivots from nylon to spherical bearings as well? I have heim joints on my links (pedal to bar and bar to fork) but didn't think about the bar pivots themselves...
  14. mjlan

    1972 Mach 1 at Mecum.

    That's sharp.
  15. mjlan

    Parts For Sale 1971 parts- must go

    If the steering wheel has not been sold I will take it. Thanks!
  16. mjlan

    J-Code Sportsroof
  17. mjlan

    Unrestored Boss 351

    This popped up on FB, maybe dealer air? I didn't think you could get AC on B351.
  18. mjlan

    Rear Defrost Switch
  19. mjlan

    1971 Mach 1 RA 3-spd $8k Rusty... This isn't a real 71-73 roof console is it? I have never seen one before: