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  1. Stevieray

    71-73 owner crank installed side window

    I came across this some years back at a local car show. The owner had installed crank mechanisms for the side windows. I thought this was so neat.
  2. Stevieray

    1971 Boss 351 Engine & Trans O/H

    I’m going to share my recent engine and transmission overhaul in hopes it may be helpful or interesting to some of the members. The project has taken much longer than expected due to COVID and being hit with two hurricanes. I’ve owned this car for 20+ years. Prior to recent drivetrain work, the...
  3. Stevieray

    New member

    Guys... Found this site while I was looking at last years pics of the Natchitoches car show. I'll miss it this year due to work schedule. Was feeling sorry for myself and looking at last years event. The dark green metallic is an original Boss 351. One recoat of the correct paint about 20+ years...