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  1. mjlan

    J-Code Sportsroof
  2. mjlan

    Unrestored Boss 351

    This popped up on FB, maybe dealer air? I didn't think you could get AC on B351.
  3. mjlan

    1971 Mach 1 RA 3-spd $8k Rusty... This isn't a real 71-73 roof console is it? I have never seen one before:
  4. mjlan

    1971 MY Strut Rod Crossmember Recall/ TSB Information?

    There has been mention of a recall or TSB from Ford for some 1971 cars to add welds to the strut rod crossmember. My 71 has some serious popcorn going on where the cross member ends meet the front frame rails- Could this be a result of this TSB? Does anybody have any info about this, what...
  5. mjlan

    Another 71 J-code Drag Pack Mach 1

    I should have done this instead of posting my question on stockerbill's thread. I don't think I ever shared these documents before, these are for the blue J-code that was on Ebay in the summer of 2020: Original engine and trans are long gone as is the metal dash panel. Interior has...
  6. mjlan

    Free in SE Michigan: Coupe/ Convertible Windshield, Door Glasses

    Never could sell it. If you are interested PM me and I'll dig it out and get some pictures and more information.
  7. mjlan

    Door Watershield Installation- Glue? Caulk?

    One of my winter '20-'21 projects is to get my new re-pop door panels installed. The original watershield on my driver's door is gone and the passenger one is in bad shape so I got some repro ones. What have others used to stick these to the inner door? Looks like the originals were stuck on...
  8. mjlan

    Cool Video

    Cool car, awesome story, to good not to share...
  9. mjlan

    Console Clock Delete Plate
  10. mjlan

    Original Engine Block for 186101

    This engine is for sale on Detroit Craigslist. I reached out to the seller to see what the partial VIN was- 1F186101.
  11. mjlan

    Dale Jr.'s Lost Speedways- Metrolina Episode

    Just watched the episode on Metrolina Speedway (I think its around Charlotte somewhere) and in the period pictures they found they show a 71-73 racecar. Kind of neat to see one in that environment.
  12. mjlan

    OE Ford Tachometer and Ignition Wire (Coil+) Function Question

    Can the existing coil+ (in a car with the factory Ford tach) power supply wire be used as the trigger for a relay without messing up the tach calibration? I am not electrically savvy enough to convince myself that the change in electrical load on this wire from powering a coil to triggering a...
  13. mjlan

    Big Block Bargain Super rare stuff. Is it really worth the investment though?
  14. mjlan

    C-6 Shift Lever for Floor Shift?

    I'm thinking of buying a rebuilt transmission for my car instead of getting the unit that's in the car rebuilt. It doesn't look like getting the right tailshaft housing will be an issue but its possible that the shift lever won't be of the floor shift variety. Are the floor shift levers for a...
  15. mjlan

    Early vs. Late Throttle Cable-Gas Pedal Connection?

    Was there a change at some during the 71-73 production run in how the throttle cable attaches to the gas pedal arm? I have an early 71 and a mid-72 and the cables have an eyelet that a pin passes through. I bought a repop cable that has a lug. Was the pedal changed from a pin to something else...
  16. mjlan

    Passenger Side Toe Board Hole- A/C Drain Or?

    This is the area of the passenger side toe board looking up from the engine compartment. On an A/C car, the HVAC case drain would be routed through this hole. Does this hole exist on all bodies or was it only opened up on cars destined for factory A/C? You can also see that the floors were...
  17. mjlan

    Recommendations for New Timing Light?

    Mine is on its last legs. Anybody got any recommendations? I'd like a dial back version. Thanks! -Matt
  18. mjlan

    Right Side Rear Lower Trim Piece

    Need this piece of trim if anybody has one for sale:
  19. mjlan

    Date Codes on D0OE-R Heads?

    I had made a comment elsewhere but figured I would stick this here to be sate- I have a pair of CJ heads that have 'SPEC' where the date code should be. Any first hand knowledge of what this means? I've turned up many theories but none that make sense. Anybody have any ideas? The heads do have...
  20. mjlan

    Ebay J-Code(?) Driver Project

    I did pick up the blue Mach 1 from the Ebay ad. I partially expect that at some point it'll turn out to be a fake, but for now it seems to be legit... I'm trying to figure out what the car should look like based on the Marti and parts that are there. Questions/ pics coming soon!