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  1. Retired2014

    A good read on motor oil

    I don’t pretend to know ‘Jack’ about oil brand claims, weight preferences, zinc content, or blog opinions. My owners manual said to use Ford 10W30 or 10W40 depending on climate. I used Ford 10W40. My original motor went 170,000 miles before it’s first rebuild. Now I’m at 235,000. Changed the...
  2. Retired2014

    Ever Take your Mustang out in the Snow?

    Not to hijack your post, but I have pictures of the hitch Ford installed on my vehicle when I bought it in 1972 if you want them. Email [email protected]
  3. Retired2014

    What other hobbies do you have?

    Retired, so currently cataloging and attempting to utilize an abundance of free time, unsuccessfully for the most part. It seems I have a penchant for losing at Powerball.
  4. Retired2014

    What did you do today instead of working on your Mustang?

    I failed to win Powerball… again.
  5. Retired2014

    Happy Halloween Pic Thread

    Yeah, what jpaz said…
  6. Retired2014

    Removing hood springs

    Mine appear to be identical.
  7. Retired2014

    More Stupidity with Fire and Gasoline

    Wow! Plastic grocery bags filled with gasoline? That’s a new one for me!😳
  8. Retired2014

    Clock quartz conversion

    Yes. Mine is just like those console clocks offered on EBay but originally it was offered outside EBay. Total junk in my experience.
  9. Retired2014

    Clock quartz conversion

    Two years ago I faced the same issue of either getting my console clock rebuilt or quartz modified. Back then I don’t think #Rocketman was offering that service. I did learn that some companies were offering a generic wall clock quartz movement as a repair solution that proved unreliable due to...
  10. Retired2014

    You can't fix stupid

    Well… not yet.
  11. Retired2014

    You can't fix stupid

    It appears from the video that he was drilling into the gas tank above a bucket intended to catch the expected fuel when the drill broke through. The drill’s sparking armature immediately ignited the first fuel vapor released as gas spilled onto the drill as it spilled into the bucket. The fuel...
  12. Retired2014

    Is it only me? New parts that are defective right out of the box.

    I ventured down the wheel/tire balance rabbit hole and after several unsuccessful balance cycles I learned that the reproduction Magnum 500 wheels are “lug-centric” not “hub-centric” and when balanced using the correct 5 stud balance device on the computer balancing machine (instead of the...
  13. Retired2014

    Does anyone have a good aftermarket source for this part? I figured maybe I could find it in the HELP section at Autozone, but no luck.

    I think Midlife was referring to ‘elbow grease’. Humor lost in translation…🤔
  14. Retired2014

    Dead end for me…😡

    I have an ample supply of NOS R-12 and used some of that. Because I have that supply, I chose to stay with the old style York 210 compressor and not retrofit all the lines, parallel flow condenser, and Sanden style compressor (although the Sanden does have its’ advantages). I’m a fan of the...
  15. Retired2014

    Dead end for me…😡

    Thanks. I never suspected the brand new compressor would have developed a cracked head after one 5 mile trip. That crack prevented the compressor from building pressure. Chinese reproduction… you get what you pay for as the saying goes. Lesson learned, don’t assume your new parts aren’t the...
  16. Retired2014

    Dead end for me…😡

    Update on A/C compressor. I ordered a new York style compressor and installed it after flushing out its’ PAG oil fill and replacing it with mineral oil for R-12 systems. The new compressor would not build pressure. Turns out the new compressor’s head fractured on the maiden voyage after a...
  17. Retired2014

    Dead end for me…😡

    The new replacement TXV was marked R134 when I received it and I called the supplier and they verified it would work on both 12 and 134. Other research of replacement TXV units also indicates these work on both 12 and134. I was skeptical and still am given your hypothesis of an open TXV valve...
  18. Retired2014

    Dead end for me…😡

    I’ll have to locate another set of R-12 gauges and try again. With the high side and low side pressures so close, it seems plausible the head gasket is blown, but with the original (once working last year) old compressor, the replaced reed plate and head gaskets in the old compressor, and the...
  19. Retired2014

    Dead end for me…😡

    Thanks, Steve. I was able to order a new reed valve plate and gaskets and tried that in my old compressor, with the same results pressure-wise, which led me to purchasing a new compressor. Yes, the clutch engages electromagnetically when the fan is engaged. Compressor sounds like it’s running...