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  1. Fredensborg

    1971 Mach 1 for sale in MN

    I met this guy at a local car show awhile back. Was his dads car, and he isn’t interested in keeping it. I haven’t seen it in person, but it looks solid.
  2. Fredensborg

    1980 Ford Bronco XLT 4X4

    Well, the gods have bestowed another aging blue oval on me for caretaking...a 1980 Bronco 4x4 with a 302 with rotten exhaust and some rusty wheelhouses/fenders to try to fix. I think got a pretty good deal on it, but time will tell as I really have my work cut out for me with the rust issues. My...
  3. Fredensborg

    Repairable Rust?

    Hi guys, I found a Bronco I might be interested in, but it has some rust issues to say the bad is this? how deep of a job is it to fix? Can it be fixed?
  4. Fredensborg

    Door weatherstripping question.

    I’m putting a new weatherstrip kit on my Mustang, and when I got to the door pieces I got a little stumped. Looks like my car has been running for many years without a good door seal…my old one is just plain gone. How do I attach this weatherstrip around the door? Glue? Or wedge it between the...
  5. Fredensborg

    Do I need bearing races?

    Looks like my rotors came with the bearing races in them already? Am I seeing things, or am I safe to grease my bearings and drop them in?
  6. Fredensborg

    Broken break bleeder….

    Well I got my new master cylinder in, but when I went to bleed the breaks, the bleeder nipple broke off in the caliper…can I do anything about this? Or do I now need new calipers?
  7. Fredensborg

    Master cylinder question.

    So I got a quick master cylinder from Napa to keep my car driveable while I try to rebuild my old one. But the 2 break lines that go into it are different sizes, and they are reversed on the new one…is this ok? On the old one, the larger head goes to the front, smaller reservoir.on the new one...
  8. Fredensborg

    Traveling Dyno Runs

    I'm planning on taking my car to the Street Machine Summer Nations in St. Paul in a couple weeks, I've watched cars do dyno runs on the traveling dyno machine in years past and have always wanted to do it. What do I need to know before I do one? I've always wanted to have a baseline of HP/torque...
  9. Fredensborg

    Street Machine Summer Nationals 2022 in St. Paul

    Anyone from the forum going? It’s July 15-17 2022 I’ve never gone to this as a participant before, but I think I’m gonna this year!
  10. Fredensborg

    Engine bay paint.

    What does everyone use for engine bay paint? Some-type of semigloss black with enamel? Good brands…bad brands?
  11. Fredensborg

    Salvageable seats?

    My interior is in ok shape for being 50 years old, however I have some seams that have come apart on the passenger seat and in the back. Can these be repaired by an upholstery shop? They appear to literally have “come apart at the seams” the actual vinyl material is not ripped.
  12. Fredensborg

    Valve cover beautification.

    I searched the forum but couldn’t find much on this…how should one go about restoring original valve covers? I took mine off years ago and put in some Ford Racing ones because at the time I thought the originals were ugly, now I’m getting older and starting to appreciate originality and the...
  13. Fredensborg

    Trunk release latch???

    Just curios, but has anyone ever tried to rig up some type of trunk release latch on one of our cars? I was just thinking that that might be a handy mod to try and figure out...I don't think it would be too hard to run a cable from the latch to the drivers seat area so you could have a quick...
  14. Fredensborg

    Leaky Steering Box

    My steering box is leaking, and seems to have a fair amount of play to it. Can this be rebuilt, and is that difficult to do? Or do I need to order a new one? As you can see in the video, the rag joint moves with the steering wheel but the pitman arm barely moves. So I am assuming this is a huge...
  15. Fredensborg

    Air Conditioning & Heating Help

    It was a bit chilly here in Minnesota while driving Sleipnir home from work this morning. My car needs a weather strip kit bad, and leaks air like a sieve. I tried to use my heater to warm up a bit, but to no avail…I know basically nothing about the climate control systems in these cars (or any...
  16. Fredensborg

    Horde old parts, or toss?

    What do you guys generally do with your old parts? Years ago I made the stupid mistake of throwing away the A/C stuff I took off my car…and now I’m gun shy to throw anything away, even stuff that is probably garbage. I still have the old leaf springs and sway bar and all the hardware from last...
  17. Fredensborg

    Is this hinge ruined?

    I went ahead and ordered a hinge pin kit from Ohio Mustang Supply before I truly inspected my door hinge...Here's a quick vid of my drivers side lower hinge pin while one of my kids is lifting up on the door. It looks like an awful lot of travel, do you think this hinge can be saved with a new...
  18. Fredensborg

    Member Map?

    I see we have a new member map, but I'm not on it anymore. I cant seem to figure out a way to add myself either? Such a cool feature, I've always like zooming around the world to see where all the 71-73's live.
  19. Fredensborg

    Rear spoiler brackets.

    Can anyone recommend a vendor who sells the rear spoiler brackets? My drivers side one broke on me yesterday, so I have had to remove the spoiler for the time being…but I also have holes in my trunk lid that look crappy now. Can I buy just the brackets? I saw on another thread that these were...
  20. Fredensborg

    Leaf spring install issue.

    My son and I were starting to put the rear suspension back in the Mustang today, everything was going great until we got the new leaf springs in…the springs look like they are too short, the shackles are pointing towards the front of the car. I called Eaton and they said that I might be able to...