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    Suspension Kit (Grab-a-Trak)

    I need some input from you guys. I have been looking at purchasing a Grab-a-Trak suspension kit for my son's 1973 Mach 1 build. The car will be more of a daily driver than a weekend warrior. I also have reached out to Ohio Mustang for a quote for suspension kit. The car has a EFI 351C with AOD...
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    Best Direct Fit Radiator

    Greetings once again, I am in the process of gathering needed parts for my son's 1973 Q code Mach 1 build. What is the best direct fit factory style radiator and shroud to buy? I want the car to stay cool on 100 degree south Mississippi days. Probably the bigger the better. I will probably do...
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    Doug's D6714 Headers

    Anyone used Doug's D6714 headers on their build? C6 or AOD clearance issues? Please leave feedback its much appreciated in advance.
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    Dynamic Compression Ratio for Pump Gas

    Greetings guys, I need to know what is a safe dynamic compression ratio for 4V quench heads. The build is for my son's first car a 1973 Q code Mach 1. Currently, I have calculated the static compression at 10.29:1 and dynamic compression at 8.29:1. All calculations were done using spreadsheets...
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    Suspension Kit

    I am really bummed out right now. I just went to Mustang Depots website to order my suspension kit. I got into the cart to pay and read they had permanently closed their doors. Does anyone sell suspension kits that can be upgraded and such like theirs? I am ready to purchase new suspension...
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    17 X 8 or 18 X 8 wheels

    I would like an opinion on which wheel and tire combination to purchase for my son's 1973 Mach 1. I am leaning toward the Ridler 650 wheel which kind of looks like the old Kelsey Hayes wheel. My son wants a no stagger look. I like  the idea of 17 X 8, 4.5"bs with 245 50 R17 tires at all four...
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    D0AE-N CC Head Unshrouding

    Guys my question is how many CC's can be gained by unshrouding the valves, 2.19 & 1.71? I know the D0AE-N is supposed to be around 63 CC combustion chamber. I would like to be around 68-70CC's after unshrouding and polishing combustion chambers. Can this be accomplished?
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    351C 4V with manifolds

    How bad would it kill the power if I left the exhaust manifolds and married them to a Pypes mandrel bent 2.5" exhaust? I know it will make a lot more power with headers. I am planning an AOD install so I've been told it will be shorties or manifolds. I am thinking manifolds first and then later...
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    Help with camshaft choice.

    OK guys. I have contemplated a stroker build and decided the stock stroke Cleveland will suffice. The engine will boast about 9.3:1 compression. I will use the factory 1973  small valve 4V heads with stainless valves, Crane stud adapter kit, and Comp Cams 1.73 roller rockers.  The block will get...
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    Camshaft for 408C daily driver

    I would like suggestions on a hydraulic flat tappet camshaft for a 4V 408C build that will primarily be a daily driver. The compression ratio will be around 9:1-9.3:1. The car is equipped with A/C, power steering, and power brakes. The rear gear ratio is 3.50. The transmission will more than...
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    17" wheel tire combo guidance.

    I have spent time reading through older posts regarding 17" wheel fitment. Currently I am leaning toward a staggered set of 17's for my son's 1973 "Q" code Mach 1. I am thinking 17 X 8" front with 4.5" backspacing or 0 offset and 17 X 9 rear with 5.5" backspacing or 12 offset. I really would...
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    Howards Flat Tappet (hydraulic)

    Please give me some feedback on the camshaft I have selected. The engine is a 1973 4V 351C with 9:1 compression, headers, and aftermarket dual plane intake. The car has 3.25 gearing and C6 with 2200 stall. The camshaft specs: 220/220 @ .050, 267/267 advertised duration 586/586 lift with 1.73...
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    Shaving 4V Open Chamber heads

    I want to shave .020 off the virgin 1973 open chamber 4V heads. This is my first 351C build. I know the combustion chambers are huge on the 73 4V head. The .020 cut will square the deck and bump the compression ever so slightly. I am also going to square deck the block by .010-.015. I would...
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    1971-73 chassis stiffening

    I was wanting to know if makes laser cut subframe connectors, torque boxes, or hidden chassis stiffening devises for the 1971-73 Mustangs? A roll bar or cage is out of the question, thanks. I used US Car Tool components on my 1966 Plymouth Satellite.
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    408 Cleveland

    I am considering stroking the Cleveland to 408 CI with a Scat rotating assembly. I would like the engine to make more torque down low in the powerband. The compression will be around 9:1-9.3:1 depending on deck height and completed combustion chamber size. I think the cam kit is  a Comp Cam...
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    "Q" Code distributor?

    I want to upgrade the stock point distributor on my son's 1973 "Q" code Mach 1 with a Petronics part #1281 or 1281DV. I am having trouble identifying which one I need. I know the distributor is vacuum advanced but it only looks to have one set of points. The 1281DV is for dual point and vacuum...
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    1973 Mach 1 "Q" code Ivy Glow with Avocado

    My 13 year old son's project car.
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    351C Dual Plane?

    I have an observation I need some help with. I have been reading a few different articles about intake manifold performance such as the Engine Masters "Ford Cleveland Intake Shootout". The Performer RPM Air Gap really made incredible power, 449hp and 411tq. The 4V 351 responded tremendously well...
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    Stock Stroke 351C w/6" rod

    Does anyone know of a off the shelf 6" connecting rod with 2.311 rod journal and .927 small end? I am thinking I want to build a 6" rod stock stroke 351C. I know guys are using the 2.10 rod journal 927 small end SBC rods with the stroker packages.
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    Justin's 1973 Mach 1 "Q" Code

    Well I picked up my 13 year old son's first car this past weekend. Yes, he wanted a 1971-73 Mach 1 Mustang for his first vehicle. We had just about settled on a 1971 Mach 1 302/3 speed manual with a 1971 fastback as a parts car. When a buddy of mine sent me some pictures of a 1973 Mach 1 "Q"...