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    351 c 4v port stuffers

    Selling a set of intake and exhaust port stuffers/Tongues. Adds 20 HP and 20 ft lbs torque to a stock set of 4v heads just bolt on and go. If you never heard of them look them up they really work. 250.00 plus the ride. Located in Scottsdale AZ.
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    351 C valve covers

    Selling a couple pair of valve covers for a 351-C One original pair in stamped steel painted blue 75.00 the others are Moroso Tall chrome with bungs welded in for breathers fillers. 75.00 plus the ride . Located in Scottsdale AZ.
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    1971 Mach 1 H pipe

    Selling an original Mach 1 351 C ... H pipe. 75.00 plus the ride Located in Scottsdale AZ.
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    Misc. 1971 Mach 1 parts

    Selling a few Mach 1 items for a 1971 Mach 1 deluxe interior car. One door pull, rear ash tray, door cups, one ignition switch wiring looks new never used, and one plastic seat hinge cover. 150.00 Please send phone number and can text pictures. Thanks in advance. Located in Scottsdale AZ.
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    Performance 351-C 2v heads

    Performance 351-C 2v heads with 4v valves machined and installed. 400.00 plus the ride. Located in Scottsdale AZ.
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    Performance 351-c 4v Top end.

    1970 351-C quench heads, 4v exhaust manifolds, and Edelbrock torquer 4v single plane intake manifold. Sold as a set1200.00 plus the ride. Located in Scottsdale AZ.
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    misc parts

    I found a few left over parts from my 71 m code build. Blue plastic door handle cups were blue now painted black, Mach 1 door center trim needs woodgrain appliqué don't remember which side its for has a couple tangs broken on backside rest are good,and a ignition switch still in box from auto...
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    429 SCJ

    If any one is looking for a complete J or C code 429 scj engine that has all the best parts available for its build in both performance and 80 percent originality, with a whole lot more uumph this one is available. I posted this in the wtb section must of had a senior moment. Real deal 500 plus...
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    429scj engine

    1971 429 scj complete engine. This is a 4 bolt main engine with all the best parts used in its build. Not exactly a stock type engine but if you have a J code or C code requiring a correct engine this is one to consider. You could be that guy that lays down 100 yard tire shredding burnouts for...
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    Grandmas 1966 Mustang coupe

    Selling an original unmolested 1966 Mustang coupe that is in very good condition from Arizona so it has no rust issues. All sheet metal is in great cond. all doors, decklid, hood, open and close with little effort. Interior is original and in pretty good shape. Car starts,runs,drives, very...
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    1971 mach 1 deluxe inner door panel passenger side still has all of its bend over tabs the woodgrain applique is coming off in places 20.00 plus shipping.
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    4 speed parts

    Selling some factory 4 speed linkage parts out of a 1971 Mach 1.... Zbar, engine bracket with pivot roller,frame brackets. Zbar has the large center hole for the performance cars c- m- j -r code cars. 500.00 or possible performance parts trade.
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    Holley 500 cfm carb

    Big boy Holley 500 cfm 2v carb #4412 with performance build from Bolduc performance.250.00 plus the ride.:)
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    Lets make a deal

    Open to offers on these parts. 351c 2v heads 2v intake large original front sway bar almost new 71 chrome bumper decent rear 71 bumper misc. 2v and 4v stock valves complete 472 inch 4 bolt main scj engine.PM me if interested.
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    1971 Chrome Bumper

    Purchased new from Don at ohio mustang mounted then located eurathane bumper. Removed to install rubber bumper now for sale, excellent condition 80.00 plus the ride
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    1971 M code

    1971 Mach1- Factory 4 barrel, 4speed, disc brakes, power steering,chin and deck lid spoilers, tinted glass, staggered rear shocks, performance suspension package which includes heavy duty radiator, shocks, springs,brakes, sway bars- both front and back,pop open gas cap,sport mirrors, deluxe...
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    Door panels wanted

    Anyone have a decent set of deluxe door panels for sale or possible trades?
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    351c shortblock

    Does anyone have an inexpensive 351c shortblock standard bore for sale or trade on or near the left coast. No frills just need a shortblock with no issues. Let me know if you are looking for any parts for possible barter. Thanks!
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    Spare parts

    Selling both front and rear performance factory original sway bars 75.00 each 351 c 2v heads 150.00 2v intake manifold 50.00 early 289 heads 150.00 New used 71 chrome bumper 75.00 used rear bumper 40.00 Let me know- Thanks Dennis
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    M code for sale

    Selling my 71 M code Mach1. Originally a 4speed, disc brake,power steering,deluxe interior,staggered rear shocks,ram air hood,front- rear spoilers etc. 351c, now race c4 trans,3.50 trac loc rear end vintage aluminum cragars both engine and trans have approx 150 miles on them, engine dynos at 406...