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    Company looking for plastic front bumper as tester to possibly start making!

    I was surfing, and found a Mustang II website that makes bumpers and stuff for them. I sent them a message telling them about the 71-73 Mustangs, how they came chrome or plastic, and while chrome are made but the plastic are not. He sent back that he would be interested in getting ahold of a...
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    Body panel assembly order and adjustments?

    I am finally getting back on my project! No, really, this time I swear!! lol  Been about 4 years since I tore it all apart.  I have all the bolt-on panels off. The basic body, I changed a quarter panel, patched the floor, and am about to paint the shell in primer, then color.  I am assuming it...
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    Odd question for the "Bigger" guys here

    I know this is the page for off topic, boy do I have an "Off topic" question, lol! I am a big guy... 6 foot 7, and north of 300#, so I have a belly!  I am 53 years old, and have always worn my belt at around the bellybutton. I have always had trouble with my pants wanting to fall down, and...
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    Any pics of windshield trim clips and how to remove?

    I am needing to remove the windshield trim so I can work on the roof, and remove the remains of the old vinyl top. Does anyone have any pics handy of the clips and/or mouldings so I can see how to get the trim off? I have a couple assorted trim clip tools, but I can't see the clips with the trim...
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    Beware Chinese oxy/acet tanks!

    I just got a new small portable torch set. I took the new tanks to Purity to have them filled, the guy looked them over to see what brand or where they came from. These were in a Lincoln set, so I was good. He said people buy the cheap sets, and bring in the Chinese tanks, and they won't fill...
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    2 fer-- Fill seam at top of 1/4, and patch small rust holes?

    Did a little "Investigative" wire wheel work tonight, to get a game plan of working on my roof. It had a vinyl top, and needs some work. I asked about the pitting on another thread, and got some good tips there. Have a couple of other questions now... First, I had some cracking like old bondo...
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    "Lambo" style door hinges, kinda sorta work

    These were on my car when I got it. They kinda worked, the doors pivot with help but don't stay up. (One cylinder is missing, the other wouldn't hold the weight up) They do not look like they were made for our cars. They had a new hole drilled in the jamb plates, and bolted on with the 1 bolt...
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    New or rebuilt steering columns available?

    My steering column is in need of help... The wires have been cut and spliced by the previous owner. The bottom by the rag joint is very loose and wobbles, I assume there is a bearing there somewhere that is bad/missing. Are there new columns available out there somewhere? All I see are...
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    Pitted roof... Best way to fill?

    My car had a vinyl roof, and has done the typical rust job on the car. I am leaving the vinyl top off, and just going to paint the roof. It has some pretty decent pitting in spots on top. There is actually a section in the side that has a couple of spots rusted thru, and just a couple scattered...
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    Strut rod bolt question

    I have the strut rods off and am changing the bushings. On one of the struts, there is 1 bolt that attaches it to the lower control arm that the hole in the strut is wallored out slightly. The bolt doesn't feel very sloppy, just a hair, it looks like it is splined like a wheel stud for a press...
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    New poly strut rod bushings

    I bought these, then had several people recommend running regular rubber bushings. I decided to go that way, and don't need these now. I got some paint on the package and can't return them, so I would like to "Pay it forward" for all the help I have been getting from this site and it's awesome...
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    One used up rotor! lol

    Took this off my project this weekend, can't believe some people! (Bought the car this way, wasn't me!!) Hard to see, but has some really deep grooves worn into it.
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    Great service from OMS!

    Just wanted to give a big thumbs up to Don at OMS... I placed a pretty decent sized order recently, everything was in stock, and at competitive prices. Shipped out fast, everything good! He also answered all my questions before, was very helpful. I see he is always posting in the forums...
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    Lower control arm and strut rod bushing help needed

    I am working on my front suspension. I have a couple of questions before I assenble... The new lower arm came with a little packet with the cotter key, zerk, and 2 washers. I assume the washer goes on top of the ball joint, between it and the spindle, but am wondering why there are 2? I looked...
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    New wheels and tires are here!! (More pics and info in reply now)

    Using advice from members here, I ordered new shoes... Just came today!
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    Rear axle ratio... Looking for the calculator or suggestions

    Yet another question! lol Still gathering parts...  My car is going to have a 351w stroked to 408, with a C4 auto. It has a 9" axle. It will be daily driven during the summer, mostly in town with very limited highway driving. Rear tires are going to be 295-50-15. I am looking for just normal...
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    Will these wheels and tires work before I pull the trigger?

    I am getting ready to order wheels and tires thru Summit... I want to get them, so I can make sure I don't have to do any clearancing anywhere while I'm working on my quarter, ect.  I want these style wheels, I used to call them slotted mags, the only ones I can find are from US Mags. I was...
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    PS pump brackets 351w and 351c same?

    Gathering parts up! lol My 72 had a 351c motor, putting a 351w motor in it. At work, I looked in the Hollander interchange and it shows the pumps in 72 are all the same for all the motors, just the brackets need to be changed. Will my Cleveland bracket fit the Windsor, or am I going to need...
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    What is up with this upper control arm?

    I was out taking some more of my project apart today, and this caught my eye... It looks like something is "Unscrewing", I can see threads showing. The other side doesn't look like this. I have done a lot with GM arms, but not Ford. Is this something that can be corrected, or need replaced...
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    Best way to fill trim holes in body?

    I am taking the Grande trim that was on the edge of the vinyl roof, and leaving it off.  What is the best way to fill the holes that are left? I don't  think  bondo would work... Not sure how to weld them up since some of them I can't get to the back side to put anything.. Any suggestions on...