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  1. J

    Correct Rear Spoiler Position

    I would not consider a wing and a spoiler the same thing. IMO a spoiler creates up or down force from the air striking against it, like your hand out the window on the highway. A wing creates a zone of low pressure on the curved side, which means that the flat side is high pressure pushing...
  2. J

    Sport steering wheel

    Use caution when purchasing these, as mentioned some do not have horn provisions. If you look at the back of the wheel it should have holes for the steering wheel lock and 2 rings for the horn posts. The later ones are flat.
  3. J

    Cylinder head dowel pins

    I have used copper pipe before to create my own when in a pinch.
  4. J

    Parts For Sale 71 up Cougar hood scoop

    How much total, with shipping to 75007? Thanks
  5. J

    Power Steering Pump Replacement Pulley

    D0or A and B pulleys can be hard to find sometimes. They have reproductions but they are pricey. The larger pulleys are for higher rpm engines, however I have replaced a 5 5/8 pulley with a 6 1/4 in a lighter...
  6. J

    Duraspark Module Placement

    I have mine mounted under the wiper washer reservoir.
  7. J

    Ford 9 inch trac-loc third member

    I would love to come pick it up if you can drive it to Texas. If you do decide to ship please let me know as I am looking for a 28 spline, 9 inch 3.25 posi third member.
  8. J

    28 or 31 spline

    Careful with that, I have encountered what looked like 31 spline but they were in fact 28 once the axles were pulled and checked.
  9. J

    73 q code vert competition suspension 9” posi rear - how do I tell 31 or 28 spline?

    If you are replacing the entire third member, I would be interested in the 3.25 28 spline posi third member should you sell it.
  10. J

    Doug Thorley ceramic coated headers SBF $300

    Doug Thorley THY-268-1-C ceramic coated headers, used but in good shape. Shortie Headers, 260-302W 1966-78 Ford Mustang
  11. J

    OEM center console with clock $350

    OEM auto trans center console with clock. It is in good condition but not show quality. It has the clock harness and ash tray light. The console lid latch functions. I have never tested the clock. The ash tray cover functions but the actual ash tray is missing. It has some cracks that have been...