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    Interior front kick panels, can't get off

    Hi, I am replacing the carpet in my 72 mach 1, can't get the front kick panels off. all my manuals say there are two screws, one at top that holds the top of the kick panel and the bottom of the upper trim on and a screw lower in the middle. mine only has the top screw, i can't see any others...
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    what is a good upholstry?

    Hi, what is a good upholstry brand? NPD uses TMI but they have jacked their prices way up. interior standard upholstry set is $80 more than it was a few years ago. CJ Pony parts sells TMI but also Distinctive Industries. Are they a good product? does anyone know of any other brands i could...
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    Ram air question

    First pic is of mine (and mustang monthly) install, second pic is 1972 factory. Notice how on mine the ram air seal sits way up on the housing and on the factory one it sits almost even withe the top lip of the housing. 
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    Ram air question

    I just put on an NPD ram air setup, followed the directions in an old mustang monthly magazine, everything looks the same as what they did. when I compare it to a pic of a factory ram air setup from a1972 mustang test in an old magazine, which showed an engine pic, it isn't the same. I was...
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    Help with door panels

    Thanks kcmash, the manual and a video for a 71 door disassembly said allen head screws. Tried 1/4 and 5/16, neither seemed to work so went up to a thin 3/8 socket but the fit was pretty snug, didn’t want it to get stuck, luckily i have a set of deep sockets, tried the 3/8 and that was it thanks...
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    Help with door panels

    Hi i have a 1972 Mach 1 with standard interior, nothing but arm rest and door handle, am trying to get door panel off but seems like armrest is preventing me, there are screw holes on the bottom of the arm rest but it doesn’t look screws in there, can someone tell me how to get the door panel /...
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    what gas for 1972 351C

    Ok, this may be a dumb question but, i have been running un-leaded in my 1972 mustang (that is why i bought a 72, i didn't want to mess with lead additives).  I was looking at the 72 owners manual to see what octane was recommended and it says that all 1972s are designed to operate on "regular"...
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    Need NON-ethanol gas

    Hi, is there anyone in the general area of Quakertown, PA  that knows where i can get gas without ethanol?  i know the Wawa up by I80 has it but that is a little too far to go for gas.  Thanks for the help. BTW, for those of you who were helping me with the idling/stumbling problem, whoever...
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    Automatic Shifter Bushings Replacement

    I always get my parts from NPD, never had any problems  EV
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    Carburetor rebuild question

    Is it ok to blow out the carb passages with the canned compressed air?
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    Rear quarter window question

    Thanks.  I guess i will just do what the instructions i have says.  Maybe they used 3 different winder mechanisms, one for each year.  On the bright side, I have a pair of coupe quarter windows if either of you need them. Thomas
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    Rear quarter window question

    I have been buying parts from ebay and aftermarket to convert my sportsroof rear quarter windows to roll-down. I have questions and as Mad Max would say "you have the knowing of a lot of things".  i have bought supposed complete sets and a lot of parts and pieces plus aftermarket stuff (but i...
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    Choke question

    On the 351c Q code, is the longer choke tube (The one that goes to the vacuum fitting on the carb) Supposed to be loose where it connects to the manifold under the choke? Thanks TCH
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    Need a good carb

    Can i keep the ram air?
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    Need a good carb

    Hi, i have a 72 Q code ram air. I want a good maintenance free carb I can just slap on that will work with the ram air. Any suggestions? Thanks  Thomas Hanson’s
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    Details 1972 351C keeps stalling

    Sorry, i should have know better.   The car was sitting for about 3 years.  i started it a few times to get the engine warmed.  starts ok, idles ok at 16 on the vacuum  guage.  i had a friend replace the upper gasket on the the carb because he said it was causing a vacuum leak.  now, car won't...
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    1972 351c keeps stalling

    Hi, i have a 1972 351 Q code, it starts Nad idles ok Vacuum guage is steady at 16, but when i try to Take it for a drive it keeps stalling out Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, thanks Thomas
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    Need help finding place to work on car

    Sounds like a possibility can you email me at [email protected]
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    Need help finding place to work on car

    Thanks, the members have been a great help But we are talking repairs to the under carriage  Shock towers and other things I don’t have the tools To do