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  1. Graham Man

    Are there any 1972 Medium Lime cars still out there?

    I had a 1972 Mach CJ in (4F) Medium Lime Metallic, I am guessing most have been painted red.... would like to find one again... only car I wish I had not sold.  Hoping to find a lingering project... This was a nice example sold at auction last year
  2. Graham Man

    1972 Mustang at Auction today

    Anybody know this car?  Would like to bid but without any background information...
  3. Graham Man

    Repop Map Light? Who do we talk to?

    I have been trying to find a map light for my 72. One just sold on ebay....wait for it...$355!!!! Who do we talk to looks like there is a market. ebay map light
  4. Graham Man

    1972 Q code for sale, 13K
  5. Graham Man

    1972 Competition Suspension Steering

    Anybody know if the competition suspension option in 72 (Q code) had a different (variable steering box?) if it did not have power steering? Or was it the same as all the other 72 steering box? I had a 72 Q code with manual steering and now have a 72 302 fastback, with power steering, just do...
  6. Graham Man

    1972 Q code $4500

    Craigslist deal?
  7. Graham Man

    Seat belt update 72 Mustang

    Anybody swap out their front seat belts for something newer? I would like to stop attaching my shoulder belt every time I take my 72 for a ride. I was thinking something newer might just bolt in and work like the newer three point system, if I could find the right swap? I would like them to...
  8. Graham Man

    71-2 mach grill - driver

    Wanted 1971-2 Mach grill, just for a driver