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  1. lectricegg

    Mach 1

    Mine is all factory, it does not have Mach 1 on the side.
  2. lectricegg


    1973 Convertible, 351 2v, auto.
  3. lectricegg

    Dome light question

    I would remove the bulb and mount it without the wire connected. Check each screw to ground with an ohm meter or continuity light. Hopefully only 1 of them shows a ground.
  4. lectricegg

    1971 Mach 1 hood lock, locking tab washer

    It took a while, but I was able to file down some washers to work on my '73. It didnt have any when I bought it. If the hood locks are the same, you just buy washers with a smaller ID than you need and start filing. The washers I made held the locks in place when you unlocked the hood. Without...
  5. lectricegg

    New Member from Michigan

    Welcome from Southeast Michigan. The color you picked is very nice. When we decided to get a Mustang, my wife said ok, a blue convertible. How could I argue? This site is the best place to learn. Looking forward to seeing your car completed.
  6. lectricegg

    How original is this engine bay?

    It is very possible that during assembly something happened to the original engine. I dont know when they stamp the number, but it is probably early in engine assembly. Maybe a bolt stripped, maybe the engine was dropped. They would have grabbed the next engine because they wouldn't shut that...
  7. lectricegg

    Marti Report - H code 73 vert with special paint code

    I worked at Dearborn during the Mustang II days in the late 70's and early 80's. There were 3 pink Mustang II's that came down the line in a row. The rumor at the plant was they were being made for a Saudi Prince who had 3 daughters. I dont know if that was true, but I never saw another pink...
  8. lectricegg

    Amazing Collection of 71 Mustangs

    I also said "Wow" A hundred times.
  9. lectricegg

    Hello from the Motor City

    Welcome from another Detroiter
  10. lectricegg

    WHY? are 71-73 stangs so big?

    I think it's a little odd how he loves the 71 and 72 Mach 1 but doesn't like the 73. It's almost identical to the first two. Maybe he doesn't like vertical front turn signals.
  11. lectricegg

    Sound off if you have a convertible

    I have a 1973, 351, automatic.
  12. lectricegg

    What did you do today instead of working on your Mustang?

    Sorry about your back. I know how much pain that can be. I had spine surgery a couple years ago. Don't go that route if you don't have to. Just getting out of my Mustang is a major chore. I manage to get around, though. Hope you mend soon.
  13. lectricegg

    Need Some Help with Passenger Dash Panel

    I had all of my panels restored. There is a place near Detroit Metro Airport that did them for under $150 each. The name is Vacuum Orna-Metal Co. They are on Harrison Street in Romulus.
  14. lectricegg

    How to: Convertible Top Adjustment

    Thanks for the info. Working on it last night I found part of the problem was the weatherstrip was installed wrong. I will widen that out tonight. Any idea what the bolt at the top of the quarter window does? I assume it is for the front header height. The previous owner moved every adjustment...
  15. lectricegg

    How to: Convertible Top Adjustment

    Does anyone know where the adjustments are located on a 1973 convertible?   It's different than the drawings here. I need to move the top back and to the left a wee bit
  16. lectricegg

    Key tags mailing out today!!

    Any update on the keychain?  I never received it.
  17. lectricegg

    Hi from the Motor City

    Hi everyone. I am just south of Detroit by about 10 miles. I worked at the Dearborn plant (still am) but didn't start there until 76. I have a 73 convertible in continuous restoration. I have enjoyed reading the posts on here and thought it was time to join. Mike