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    2014 MCA National Show

    It's official, well has been for a couple of months, the National 2014 MCA show will be in Lincoln, NE Aug. 2014. Lincoln is centrally located and within easy driving distance (8-10 hrs) of Chicago, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Denver, Oklahoma City, Dallas, Denver. I'm hoping that we have some...
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    GoDaddy Ad?

    If this is in the wrong place, sorry. Has anyone seen the ad with the red 71 - 73 convert? Yeah, the focus is suppose to be on the hot cop chick and the hot driver chick, but I wanted to see more the car! I did see that it had the painted bumper so automatically thought 73 but...
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    Rod & Custom Motorsports MII frontend?

    Trying to decide what system to start looking at after I get done with the engine work I have planned for the next couple months. I've decided that a disk break upgrade is in order (gawd I've always hated my spongy breaks). Then thought well if I'm there maybe I need to think about a front...
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    Interiors for ANY car 1930-2000!

    As many of you know, I have an avocado interior and the carpet, headliner, seats etc are not reproduced by anyone. I've been whining about it for a few months now and everyone is sick of it LOL. I ordered a marti report and found that there were 3940 (?) GreenGold coupes produced in Dearborn...
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    Thanks for the encouragement

    Thanks for the words of encouragement in the other thread about the "while I'm under here virus"! Really appreciate it. My car is still 240 miles away and trying to figure out the perfect time/way to get it into my garage. Guess I need to start with making space in the garage LOL! Anyway for...
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    I've created a monster

    Was at home over the weekend and got the cover off of Harvey. He's not a happy camper. He's been sitting for about 16 years, outside but covered. As soon as I took the cover off I was about in tears as the paint on the roof, hood and trunk were totally blackish and I thought it was all...
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    Newb here

    Just recently joined VMF and saw this site's arrival so thought I'd come along. I have a 73 Green Gold Coupe that I'm getting ready to start working on. Mom bought it new in '73 in North Platte, NE and it has lived his entire life there. When I was 16 I bought him and drove it through HS and...