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  1. J

    Sport steering wheel

    Hello everyone. Does anyone have or know someone who has a late 70's Ford accessory 3 spoke steering wheel for sale? See picture for reference.
  2. J

    Vin certification label color

    I'm getting ready to order a new vin label for the drivers door (mine is missing) I have the choice of white or blue. Does anyone have any input on which color it should be? My Mustang was built 11/72 in Dearborn for the Los Angeles sales district. 
  3. J

    Staggered tire sizes

    Hey everybody. It's time for new tires. I'm having a tough time making up my mind on a front tire size for the Mach 1. Currently it has 235-60r15 front and 255-60r15 rear. I want to do a skinnier tire up front but I can't decide on a 215-65 or a 215-70. The difference is an inch 26" vs 27". Does...
  4. J

    Rh engine bay wiring

    Hey everyone. I am in process of installing a new set of battery cables and alternator harness and noticed looking at some other engine bays my voltage regulator and junction block are mounted in a different location. I don't see extra holes where it would have been mounted any other way. Can...
  5. J

    Head Gaskets Options

    Hey everybody. Well I broke the car drag racing over the weekend. Lost compression on cyl's 2 and 3. Pulled the cylinder head, found the gasket burnt between the two cylinders. The block and cyl head are also damaged. I'm in talks with the machine shop about repairing the block and head (they...
  6. J


    Anybody using a Wheelskins steering wheel cover? My car has the stock skinny two spoke steering wheel with an old style sportwrap cover on it right now. I just installed a Wheelskins on my truck. Very nice product. If anyone has pictures and sizing info it would be greatly appreciated.
  7. J

    Caltracs and Subframe Connectors

    Hello out there. Anyone running Caltracs with Tinman Fabrication subframe connectors? I am really interested in the Caltracs. My car currently has subframe connectors by Global West, been there since 2004, I came across the Tinman versions and they look much better in my opinion. Looking at...
  8. J

    New Member from SoCal

    Hi all, I'm Justin. Member from Southern California. My Mustang is a 1973 Mach 1 351c 2v fmx automatic. The car has been in the family since 1982. I started fixing it up in 2004 at 16. Now it is a great machine that I cruise around and occasionally take to the strip. 351c 2v with Aussie Heads...
  9. J

    Couple issues, hopefully someone can help

    My 73 Mach 1 is having an odd problem lately. The car runs great doesn't overheat but with the headlights on the temp gauge goes all the way to H. With the lights off it climbs back down to the middle. The engine ground is good and clean, I cleaned up the headlight grounds as well. Anyone...