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  1. J

    Dash light functions

    Hello friends, I am in the process of installing a new aftermarket wiring harness and after over 7 years just cant remember exactly how the dash lighting works. I have a 72 Mach1 with the tachometer and center dash gauge pod. I need to know what lights go on when you open the ignition switch...
  2. J

    New tail lights

    Hello gang, I'm looking to replace my old worn out tail lights with a set of the new ones and was wondering if anyone has had the opportunity to compared the two brands I've seen on line. Scott Drake and Goodmark. The Goodmarks look better in all the pics and are priced higher, but we all know...
  3. J

    Splicing wires

    Hello Gang, I'm starting to work on installing a new wiring harness and wanted to know what has worked for others that have taken on this project. What is the best method for splicing new into exiting wires/connectors? Any pics would be great.
  4. J

    cowl vents

    Hello everyone, Can anyone confirm if the cowl on a factory a/c car has one or two openings in the cowl? In other words should a factory a/c car come with a fresh air vent on the driver side?
  5. J


    Hello everyone My name is Jesse and I just wanted to say I'm very excited to see a forum dedicated to the 71-73 models. I have owned several mustangs and the big ponies are my personal favorite. I look forward to hearing from all that share my passion for this particular breed and hope I can...