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    Convertible quarter panel alignment

    Hi guys, i am in the process of replacing the quarter panels on my 1973 Mustang convertible. These cars are very flexible! My restorer has installed the right panel already. He says that the gap between the door and the top of the quarter panel is about 3 millimeters more than the bottom ( on...
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    Back seat panel alignment convertible.

    Hi guys, I am restoring a 1973 convertible. I noticed a big alignment issue of the backseat panel. It looks like it was welded in like this in the factory.  The question is , would you leave it this way or would it be better to correct the panel? I am not sure if you would notice it when...
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    How to recognise original steel wheels for the 71-73 Mustang?

    Hi guys, I would like to know how you can recognise original steel wheels for our cars.  Are there any specific details on the wheels that confirm that they are actually for a 71-73 Mustang? I have found a set of steel wheels for sale . I have received some photo's from the seller but I am not...
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    (Concours) correct convertible top

    Hi guys, I am looking into a new ( white ) convertible top. What was original and which brand is offering the closest to the original? Details, color, texture... I have been looking into a couple of brands like Kee, Robbins, Scott Drake: selling Robbins and EZon) Any other brands that are a...
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    1972/1973 convertible interior quarter panels

    Hi guys, Looking for nice quality interior quarter panels with manual windows for a 1973 Convertible. Hopefully anybody has a nice spare set and is willing to sell these panels.  Thanks for your help, Jeroen
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    KM/H speedometer

    Hi guys, I am searching for a KMH speedometer with trip meter for my 1973 Mustang. I know it is a bit of a needle in a haystack item... hopefully any of you has one for sale or know somebody that has one for sale.  Thanks for your help, Jeroen
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    Radiator air deflector

    Hi guys, I have a question about the rubber strip that is installed on top of the radiator... the radiator air deflector. There is a seller on eBay that mentions that these deflectors are for : - ALL 1971-1972 models  - ONLY the 1973 351-2V with automatic transmission  Can somebody confirm...
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    A/C vacuum canister

    Hi guys, I am looking into the A/C system parts.  Is the black vacuum canister below the charcoal canister on the passenger side a part that you would replace when you are completely rebuilding a system?  I would like to keep the AC system as original as possible. The shape of the original...
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    Power steering hose routing in engine bay

    I have noticed that some cars have the power steering hose running below the driver side shock tower brace and others have the hose running through a hose retainer on top of the shock tower brace. What is the reason for the difference? Engine type , AC , production year ?
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    1973 Ford Mustang Brochure-Ford of Venezuela Market

    I noticed this brochure on Ebay. It is from 1973. Interesting to see that the urethane front pumper is painted to imitate the 1971/1972 chrome bumper!
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    Grille finish 71-73

    Hi guys, I would like to know if the original grille was painted in the factory?  I have bought a reproduction ( D3ZZ-8200-B (mach 1 grille)) from Daniel Carpenter earlier this year. The grille is made of shiny plastic! It looks really cheap. I have nothing to compare with, because I have a...
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    Correct Fan blade for 1973 351C 4V

    Hi guys, I am looking for a correct 1973 351C 4V fan blade. Anybody able to tell me what the correct part number is for my restoration project?  I've found a couple of part numbers but not sure if one of these is the specific part for this engine and year... CF D2SE-8600-AA CF D0AE -A I've...
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    KP CARBS Kurt Praxl carburetors

    Hi guys, Earlier this year I managed to get hold of 2 1973 ford mustang 4300D carburetors with the help of forum members. After doing some research, I decided to have the carburetors posted to Kurt Praxl. This guy used to work for Pony Carburetors and has experience with the 4300D model...
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    Power steering Pulley models

    Are the original power steering pulleys the same for '71-'72-'73 ? I have a 1973 car and the model of the pulley seems to be different when I search for a new one. I have met forum member Vinnie last week and was able to look at his nice car. The pulley on his 1973 car is the same as mine...
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    Removing plastic elbow from valve

    Hi guys, is there a civilized way removing the grommet and plastic elbow from the stock valve cover? image hosting cdn
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    Forged aluminum wheels 1973 or a really nice set sport wheel covers

    Hi guys,  I am thinking about replacing my non stock wheels for something original. I really like the 1973 forged aluminum wheel option or sport wheel covers for my car. Does anyone have any of these sets for sale?  Thanks, Jeroen
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    Dashes Direct seat foam and ford tooling dash pad

    Update: Dashes Direct solved all issues. I am very happy with the replacement parts. More parts arrived that I have ordered 2 months ago. The usual delay when parts are backordered for the 71-73 mustang ! Happiness turned into disappointment quite quickly with the DashesDirect parts...
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    Map Light

    Map light on ebay:
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    Motorcraft 4300D

    Hi Guys, I have a 1973 351C 4V Q-code (convertible) with an automatic transmission. I've bought the car in November 2016 and learning more and more about the car and (unfortunately) found out that I have a Carter carburetor. After searching the internet , I understand that the correct...
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    green tinted quarter window glass 1973 convertible passenger/driver side

    Hi guys, I am looking for the original green tinted quarter window glass for a convertible ( 1973). Any advise on good aftermarket glass is much appreciated as well. Thanks, Jeroen