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    Where to buy medium copper paint?

    Is there a place online I can order the paint for my 73 mustang. It’s medium copper but just need to repaint the front bumper. Thanks in advance! 
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    Removal of rear and front wind shield question

    Im in the process of installing a new headliner and have watch some fellow member on YouTube doing the same exact thing.    but my questions is, how do I remove the chrome trim without bending them? Is there a good trick to doing it or do I need the proper tool for it?  Thank you in advance. ...
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    351C 2v - smoke issue

    Here the quick back story Back in 2003 my dad and I bought a used 351C and had it completely rebuilt. I was planning on swapping out the 302 for the 351 in 2004 but I ended up going to college and life got in the way. Fast forward till now.... I took the car to the shop for the swap which...
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    Wth NASA Hood

    Looking for Mach 1 hood, prefer oem but if also willing to get repo if needed if y’all have any recommendations.. thanks!
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    Door speaker box idea

    Decided to Make some speaker pods that would fit component speakers. Wrapped them in faux leather and sealed it.   I didn’t like the idea of cutting the metal framing on the interior door so I fabricated these. It only sticks out about 2 inches and the window level isn’t compromised. Now I just...
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    Vinyl wrapped cracked dash

    Hey there, I’m new to the forum, I recently decided to vinyl wrap my cracked original dash. I have zero experience in sewing but took a chance lol. I plan on doing some other things but let me know what y’all think?    cheers