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    WTS: Global West sub-frame connectors

    New in box. $125 shipped.
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    Elkhart Lake,Wisconsin

    Anyone going? We are driving up Friday to visit friends for the weekend. The car show Saturday evening is pretty awesome.
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    Guitar lounge got me to thinking about favorite players

    And lately, I have been listening to a disc I made of my favorite YES songs. Incredible amount of talent in all variations of their line-up, starting with their front man and chief lyricist, Jon Anderson. But what really got me was... Two great guitarists: Lead guitarist Steve Howe Bassist...
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    How to make your own charcoal

    Stove top stuffing mix... Microwave oven... Follow all the directions for preparing in your microwave, but forget the "water" ingredient... Holy crap... I thought it was going to catch fire. We had to put the bowl outside because smoke was pouring out of it. This morning, I go outside to...
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    Rod Shop liquidation - Auction in Bever Falls PA

    Hey, Turtle and anyone else within driving distance! Check this out! A hot rod shop is liquidating
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    Craft Beer - What do you enjoy?

    OK, so I like beer. My dad taught me that there is no such thing as a bad beer... It's just that some are better than others. I've always pretty much stayed with Pilsner style beer... you know the typical Coors Light/Bud Light/ Miller Light. But recently, my wife has been wanting to do...
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    Great songs with sick bass

    We've had a few really fun song/band threads recently, and I thought this may be fun too. Name a song where the bass makes it a great song. Like this one: Or this one:
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    Attn: Die Cast car collectors

    This auction is in Central Ohio, but they say shipping is available. Auction ends this evening (Sunday, March 8). Go to pages 7 and 8 for the cars.
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    3rd world space program

    At least that's what the Youtube video is labeled, LOL I would pay to see this in person... pretty cool.
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    Anyone else really into good sounding music? For me, a system has to sound good at all volume levels, especially low volume, when base can be either too strong or too weak. I'm partial to Paradigm speakers. They have great sound, matching speakers that cost thousands more. Currently have a...
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    Picked some trash yesterday

    My wife's hobby is to re-purpose old furniture. She makes a little bit of money, and enjoys the hobby. Yesterday, while walking the dog, we came across an elderly couple and their family taking a bunch of old stuff to the curb as they are preparing to move to a smaller condo. We stop and say...
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    Best movie intros

    I saw a topic about this on a gun related board I frequent, and thought all of us here might enjoy it. This is one of my favorites.... Top Gun Once upon a time in the west...
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    Hey all you shooters out there!

    I've been a moderator on HKPRO.COM for about a hundred years, but have been relatively quiet there since the founder sold his board to a company that sells advertising... Anyway, I have been poking around there again for a few weeks now, and came across a pet peave thread... One that askes "If...
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    Merry Christmas!

    Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and I have been cooking pretty much every waking hour of this week so far, and still have some more prep to do. Here's to you and yours! May your holidays be filled with joy! Merry Christmas! And Happy New Year!
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    A tip for winter storage

    OK, for those of you like me, who have your 71-73 as a fair weather driver, and store your car in the winter months, here's a little tip I came across to deter mice from wanting to nest in your car. Mice do not like the smell of peppermint. Get a small vile of pure peppermint extract from...
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    1962 Galaxie 500 with 427 side oiler Not mine, no affiliation except for this is the dealer that sold me my '73 vert.
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    What might cause constant "on" at coil?

    Something has happened to my ignition system. I noticed a completelky dead battery, and while charging it, noticed that my coil got really hot. Turns out thewre is constant power to the coil even with the ignition switch turned off. I know this could be a bad ignition swith itself, but do any...
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    Picture request for you vert owners - seat top

    Hey all you vert owners! I have a special request for you. After a year and a half of ownership, I finally tried installing the boot (I think that's what you call it)... the cover for teh top while it's down. Mine fits great, but I seem to be missing some trim at the top o fmy rear seat for...
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    Fuelpump replacement - not so easy

    Finally had some time to jack the car up and attempt to replace my weak fuel pump. I couldn't get the threaded connection of the line to the carb to break free. I hit it with PB Blaster, and gave it an hour to soak in while I drove to the store to buy a 1/2 inch line wrench so I wouldn't round...
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    Fuel pump

    I think I'm having fuel pump issues. Car seems to work fine up through 2nd gear, then starts to sputter and hesitate after a few seconds of accceleration. Seems like it is starved for fuel, like once the carb uses up the gas that's in there, the pump can't keep up with demand. If I coast...