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    Clutch disc replacement

    Hi guys, My clutch disc is home made to fit a manual gearbox ZF S5-18/3 ( 22 splines) with 351C 1970. I think the disc is for 302 engine ( diameter is 10"). So i cannot just buy a new disc , the disc need a relining( hope this is the right word). For that, i need to know the thickness of a...
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    Cylinder head torque specifications

    Hi guys! Just one question before doing a mistake... Engine is 351C 1970 ( stock). i have new ARP bolts for cylinder head. Do i use Ford torque specifications or ARP specifications for reassembly? May be a newbie question but i have a huge doubt.... Thanks for your answer. Régis
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    Rear wheel bearing removal

    Hi guys, I try to remove the rear wheel bearing from the axle shaft...whithout success( even if i heat the bearing). I don't have the specific tool described in the shop manuals...Any ideas? Thanks!
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    rear suspensions Mach 1 1973

    Hi guys, Here is a picture of the rear suspensions. the rear left suspension is mounted behind the rear axle and the rear right suspension is mounted before the rear axle. I know this is correct for other car but never see that on mustang 1973...Is it to improve suspension for racing?? Thank you
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    Inside 351C 1970

    Hello guys! My engine is a 351C code D0AEL date 0J8 ( 2 main bolts). Can someone tell me what is the hole near the front end of the engine ? It's the first time i look inside the engine so ... Thank you all! [/URL]  
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    Getting the engine out of the car...

    Hi, I want to put the engine off the car. So I have a  ( noob) question… To attach the engine to the workshop crane, what is the better: should i use straps around the engine or bolts in place of the carb( so 4 bolts)? No headers and no gearbox attached to the engine. I don't find this...
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    Removing export braces

    Hi, I would like to remove the braces from firewall to shocktower to replace it. What is the right way? Any precautions? What happens when removing the bolts over shocktowers? Do i need to jack up the car? Thank you for your answer! ( i'm afraid to make a mistake... ).
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    Question about " ROCKAUTO"

    Hi guys!! Just a short question: what is the quality of the parts sold by this site? Price are very interesting when your are buying from France… Thank you! Régis
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    Marking on 351C

    Hi all, My engine is a 351C 1970 with block number D0AE-L, date 0J8. I take a picture of a marking near the water pump. This appears after removing the paint ... Any idea of what this means? Thanks!!
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    center bore size

    Hi!! I plan to change wheels on my 73 Mach1. The hub center bore diameter is 61.6 mm on the car. The rims i want to buy have a center bore of 83.06mm ( American Racing Wheel). So , two questions: Can someone confirm the original hub size is 61.6 mm for Mach 1? If needed, where do you buy...
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    Fan spacer 351C 1973

    Hi, Can someone tell me what is the overall height of the fan spacer for a Mach 1 1973 with 351C ( radiator is 26" )?. Thank you...need to buy one!! NPD sells one(T-8546-1A) but only 1.27" overall height.. Régis
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    New member from France

    Hi, My name is Régis. I m an happy owner of a Mach 1 1973. I m very happy to join this forum because Mustang 1973 are very rare in France. French people prefer Mustang before 1970 and it's really a challenge to have some spare sparts...and they are overpriced because it come from USA!!! This...