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    Rust in wheel well on rear passenger side

    My mustang is occupying my son's extended spring break.  His efforts to patch the rear passenger quarter panel found additional rust in the wheel well.  It is where the right hand rear floor meets the wheel well. A body shop replaced some of the floor panels in the 1990's. If possible I would...
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    AC condenser

    I was looking at restoring my car's factory air conditioning system, didn't see many options on the condenser but did find this Does anyone have any experience with locating this part or using this company? Chris
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    Windshield replacement

    My windshield needs to be replaced, Safelite doesn't replace any longer. It is hard to find glass shops that will work on older cars, I did get a quote from one local glass shop but told glass is not original. Does anyone have any recommendations on replacement front windshield for a 71? I...
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    Replacing alternator harness on 71 Mustang

    Discovered my 71's charging system is not working and alternator to voltage regulator wiring harness is in bad shape so I am looking to replace. I called NPD and told them that I had no tach and no gauges and they said they didn't have a harness for my car. I was surprised, looking at my...
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    low quality 71 fan shroud

    I went to the local classic Ford part house in Oklahoma City looking for a fan shroud. I was shown their fan shrouds, previous years looked fine but the 71-73 shrouds looked like something less than what I expected.
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    My car is back to regular driver status

    The power front disc brake work is complete so I let my son (Super-Mustang) drive it to school.
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    Air Compressor suitable for soda blasting/painting

    I am looking at getting an air compressor. I need to soda blast/sand blast car/car parts and in the end I would like to paint it. I realize it is not a 2k air compressor but I don't want to purchase it if it is not suitable for what I need to do. I am looking at this...
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    Sport wheel cover restoration

    My 71 has the sport wheel covers -- and they could look better. Has anyone tried replacing the chrome ring? The center looks fine and I am certain that it can restored/repainted but the ring needs to be replaced.
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    Need front bumper brackets

    I was needing a pair of bumper brackets to mount the chrome bumper on my 71 Mustang. Does anyone have a pair? (Or how do the reproductions look compared to originals?)
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    New Member

    I have done most of the work on this car, rebuilt the 302 engine with stainless steel valves, Crane 260 camshaft, Holley 600, Ford electronic ignition. The 8" rearend was swapped for a 9" with 3.50 and Auburn differential. The C4 transmission was modified with a shift kit. This is a fun car...