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  1. griffbl

    Car Died while driving, changed solenoid, Still would not start. Charged battery, and now starter continues to turn, even when ignition is in the OFF

    Well, took the old Mach 1 out for a late night spin and, well, not good. Car died while approaching an intersection. Kind of like all at once. Felt electrical in nature. Engine would NOT turn over. Dead. Headlights on. Interior lights on. After a tow (never fun) I got her home. I had a new...
  2. griffbl

    Front shock upper rubber isolators so deteriorated that....

    I have new shocks and springs on the way.....I have been trying to defeat some rattles, which are too numerous today. I think I found another. The Rubber isolators on the front shocks have decayed and the driver's side does not actually seem to be supported at this point! When I push on the...
  3. griffbl

    Installed those little front exterior moldings , and checked Idle settings for Holley

    Like any little job, it would be easier the second time! But not much to it. Was lucky Motor City Mustang had the pieces I needed! Little by Little, My High School Mach 1 is coming along! Brad
  4. griffbl

    WTB: Passenger side A pillar interior Windshield Trim Piece, and Passenger side rear quarter window interior trim piece

    WTB: The above Passenger A pillar interior Trim Piece, and Passenger side rear quarter window interior trim piece. A picture of the latter is attached below: Thanks for your help! Brad
  5. griffbl

    How to remove Mustang script emblem currently on deck lid of 1972 Mach 1?

    On my newly reacquired car from High School, it appears as if I have a Mustang script logo on the right side of the trunk lid which is not correct for Mach 1 cars. (or at least I do not think it is correct). It appears to be plastic and is held in place by retainers on the back of the posts that...
  6. griffbl

    New Spring advice front and rear, Height of fenders, Passenger side rear is lower by 5/8" now....or maybe a bit lower.

    Both sides of car appears a bit low to my eye. Not a lot, as these cars are very low slung, but some. Measurements are without a spare tire in back (by phone is my flat fixer, and I drive this car close to home only for now). I don't want to raise her much, as i hate open wheel well, and i went...
  7. griffbl

    Mach 1 Spoilers front & rear and all hardware for both, (SPOILERS ARE SOLD) also White aftermarket center console (Sold)

    I will post pics later today. EXCELLENT overall condition. No cracks, sagging etc. Pick up only DFW area. Too much trouble to ship spoilers safely I think. Thanks! Brad
  8. griffbl

    WTB: 1971-2 Mach 1 lower Chrome (stainless?) trim pieces located on lower front fender between bumper & Front tire & Other items

    Needed items for my 1972 Mach 1: -The above mentioned trim pieces that came on Mach 1's without Hockey puck stripes...BOUGHT FROM MOTORCITY MUSTANG 👍 -passenger side interior windshield trim that runs down the passenger A pillar -H code Breather assembly (looking for a Nice example, I see...
  9. griffbl

    SOLD! 1971 H Code Mach 1-Originally Sold in Dallas., TX $25.9K

    SOLD 1971 H code Mustang for sale, in Dallas, TX. Car was originally sold in Dallas TX.  Very original car.  About the only thing not obviously correct are the front seat covers, which are vermillion without the black contrast...which they should have, but I left them in because they are brand...
  10. griffbl

    Original AM radio Installation completed.

    After having installed my original style antenna, I installed my Ebay acquired original AM radio went very smoothly with help from our site! This thread was EXTREMELY helpful!  My radio was purchased on...
  11. griffbl

    Antenna replacement help needed please!

    I bought a correct Reproduction retractable antenna, as my car had a fixed mast that was incorrect.  Original antenna was snapped off (remember when people did that?? kind of went with getting your hubcaps stolen!) and someone put a base with a new mast over the stub and secured it with set...
  12. griffbl

    351C H code 2V to 4V Carb and Manifold Swap

    I am trying to do a few little mods on my very original 1971 Mach 1 351C H Code 2V.  Car is stock, save for a nice dual exhaust setup and a Petronix ignition module inside the distributor. I do not want to really do anything that cannot go back to bone stock, as I am not really trying to hot rod...
  13. griffbl

    Bad Rattle from Passenger A-Pillar / Dash Pad area

    Wow, my car has a very bad, squeak and or rattle in the Passenger A pillar area, I believe where it makes contact with the windshield, or possibly, below the area where the dash pad meets the windshield close to the A pillar....i.e. in that corner.  Almost sounds like the windshield may be...
  14. griffbl

    Mach 1 Exhaust Tips: How Far should they extend beyond the rear Valance?

    When I bought my car, it had the wrong exhaust tips in place.  They hung down too low, and extended way too far back.....I have the new ones in place, and I do hate it when people extend them too far from the valance, but my guy really did make them tight to the valance.  What do you think? Are...
  15. griffbl

    Engine Timing 351C H Code /Carb Problem

    My H code mach 1 felt a little doggy to me when she arrived last month.  I have been working on little things here and there, like the correct inner fender battery bracket, adjusting the kick down rod for the FMX, getting the right exhaust tips on it, etc.  The engine was NOT missing, not...
  16. griffbl

    Ride Height, Correct Replacement Springs

    My '71 Mach is coming along.  Had the Kick down rod adjusted for the FMX, and the correct exhaust tips installed.  I have always measured ride height at the center of the fender at the wheel well opening.  I am about 25 3/8" front and rear, and that is with 205/70R-14's. Honestly, I am ok with...
  17. griffbl

    Bracket for Kick Down Lever for 351 H code-FMX

    Guys (and Gals :)) I just had my kick down rod adjusted on my H code FMX equipped (i say that as I have seen a few H codes with C6's).  It works perfectly now, but my shop mentioned he thought there was originally  some kind of "guide" or bracket that helped limit play on the hollow kick down...
  18. griffbl

    Need OEM AM/FM radio for my 1971 Mustang

    Howdy!  I need a correct for 1971 (or correct style save for year) AM /FM radio for my 1971 Mach 1 Mustang with A/C (if that makes a difference).  Car has an after market radio I would love to get rid of.  My car came with an AM radio, but I would prefer AM / FM in the spirit of usefulness.  ...
  19. griffbl

    My 1971 Mach 1Recently Acquired

    Gents- Bought a nice 1971 Mach 1 I am going to keep.  VERY similar to my first car in High School, purchased in 1975 when I was 15, which was a Red 1972 Mach 1 H Code with white interior.  My High school car did not have disc...