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  1. cv_72mustang

    Hello from Long Island - 73 Mach1 351C

    Welcome from PA. I had the same leak! ! LOL
  2. cv_72mustang

    Yes, my last name is actually Death

    Welcome from PA. Nice !
  3. cv_72mustang

    Hello from Switzerland

    Welcome from PA!
  4. cv_72mustang

    Ever Take your Mustang out in the Snow?

    I remember driving my vert in the snow and having the snow blowing thru the top of the windshield.
  5. cv_72mustang

    New member from Florida. 😎

  6. cv_72mustang

    Went to start my 73 Coupe today...

    7173Vert, Very sad, so sorry reading about your wife. Tony
  7. cv_72mustang

    VIN 3F05Q218623 I'm looking for a green 73 Mach 1 Mustang

    Welcome. I hope you find your car!!
  8. cv_72mustang

    1972 Mach 1 H code Prior owner restoration that need help.

    Welcome! Build the car you want to drive. For me, I drive my 'ice cream car' with my wife like I did 40 years ago, LOL well .... maybe not exactly!
  9. cv_72mustang

    What did you do today instead of working on your Mustang?

    Went for car ride and ran into a bunch of Shelby's in my town for a local show. Had a chance meeting with one of the site members. Also got couple of leads for an engine rebuild.
  10. cv_72mustang

    Some fuddlement fixed, onto the next two, start position not working, right turn signal not working

    Just a suggestion but maybe I would try drawing out circuits in question. Seeing it in a subset simplified circuitry might help. I also have cut and pasted tech manual sheets together and used colored pencils to trace modes. In your case it looks you might need to reverse engineer the existing...
  11. cv_72mustang

    I'm back!

    Welcome from NE, PA. Very nice collection of effort. Enjoy your new car.
  12. cv_72mustang

    You can't fix stupid

    I saw this today. Please tell me what he was thinking? Was he trying to remove a rusted strap or bolt , sensor or install something? Plus they knew it was stupid since someone was filming.
  13. cv_72mustang


    Live in NE, and stored in dry garage for the winter. I just fill the tank with non- ethenol fuel, cover it and start once a month and move it forward and backward. Also put mouse traps inside!!! LOL.
  14. cv_72mustang

    Is it only me? New parts that are defective right out of the box.

    Nope, please don't get me started! It's not only car parts, but household appliances, AC units ... etc...etc Hard working folks are getting tired of this! BTW: that's why you always hear the folks on this site rebuilding things like alternators and steering boxes or whatever else they can...
  15. cv_72mustang

    Fuddling electrical failure 72 convertible

    I just checked again and it is attached using a dedicated mount hole and not Vreg bolts. I wasn't really sure after looking at the picture myself.
  16. cv_72mustang

    And now for something entirely different...

    Kind of hurts my eyes!
  17. cv_72mustang

    Sill Door Plate Advice

    My driver door sill has a large pitted area and looking to replace. The passenger side is fine. Anybody looking to sell and if not any recommendations on best one to purchase. Thanks, Tony