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  1. cv_72mustang

    Sill Door Plate Advice

    My driver door sill has a large pitted area and looking to replace. The passenger side is fine. Anybody looking to sell and if not any recommendations on best one to purchase. Thanks, Tony
  2. cv_72mustang

    A little history on our cars

    I recently came across this article. It might have been posted before. Interesting history to read again.
  3. cv_72mustang

    Mobile Google Custom Search FYI

    There are times when I have needed to search the 7173 site using google custom search option while on my mobile phone and not my laptop and I finally stumbled on how to do this.  To use this on your mobile phone click on the three (3) short horizontal  lines to the right of site logo and tag...
  4. cv_72mustang

    Seat Back Trim Paint and Removal

    Hi,  Looking to spruce up my front seats 'rear' plastic trim sections. They are really faded but in good shape, no dents or cracks.  Trim is Black. I found  this product on WCCC site - STEM Trim Black Paint 39143 .  1. Has anyone use this product?   2. How to pull the panels off without...
  5. cv_72mustang

    Front and Rear Height

    Looking to replace my rear springs on my H code Vert using EATON Detroit springs (non performance)  and they have an option for additional 1" inch. I measured my car and the back is ~5/8" higher than the front.  Is this about the correct stock height difference you might expect ?  The car...
  6. cv_72mustang

    PCV and intake manifold oil leak related?

    Hi, Is it possible a sticking PVC valve on a 351C 2v might cause oil blow by around the China wall gasket at the back of intake manifold? Oil 'was' pooling near this area but now appears to have stopped after cleaning and messing with the PCV.   It's the original intake and gasket set. Planning...
  7. cv_72mustang

    Mini Console Shifter Light Mounting Location?

    While getting ready to replace my shifter bushings I pulled the mini console and found the  indicator light with a rusted bulb just sitting next below  the PRND21 just laying there. (see photo  - added red tape to protect) . Does anyone know how this  gets mounted? I did not see  any mounting...
  8. cv_72mustang

    Automatic Shifter Bushings Replacement

    Hi,  I need to replace the shifter  plastic bushing on the floor shifter (FMX).  Shifter moves sideways.  Looking at getting a set Part # 44-38959-1 from MAC's auto.  Cost is  not the issue here,but I've learned to ask the members when buying replacements parts. Some are just plain junk!!! and...
  9. cv_72mustang

    Axle Code 2 Gear Availability Issue

    Hi,   I have a question and looking for feedback concerning my 72 351C vert   I've been slowly doing a rolling restoration and next in line was my very noisy differential.   I'm trying to keep the car stock and original. Just a plain old weekend car.   Going in I knew it was a  2.75  standard...
  10. cv_72mustang

    Truss Bolt on Convertible Top (Update)

    Hi,   Attached is a photo of what I believe is the screw holding my roof handle to the frame.  I really can't see the actual screw but I assume it is like this.  Does anybody know what type of tool to use? Hex driver. I need to order something before I 'peel' corner side of the roof...
  11. cv_72mustang

    Prove Out Circuit (Oil Idiot Light)

    Hi,  I've been trying to hunt down why my oil pressure idiot light is not working.  It may be a bad bulb, but before pulling the cluster I have a question about the Prove Out (PO) circuit.   72 351C Vert with AC (LoL) a. The oil pressure sensor is ok b. Connector to oil sensor clean...
  12. cv_72mustang

    Advice needed on Instrument Panel Removal

    Hi,  Love this site.  Been reading a ton over the last of couple weeks while I hide from the virus.  I admire the skill and knowledge of our members!!! Anyway,  spring is here in the Northeast PA, maybe and I need to replace my idiot light oil/temp and the left turn indicator, and probably...
  13. cv_72mustang

    New 72 conv Front End

    Hi, It's been 6 months since I joined this group after uncovering my neglected 72 Conv. 351C Mustang.  Sat in my garage for 30 years!  No excuses here!!  I know this forum loves pictures, so I decided to post a few of the work. This phase of it is just about getting it cleaned up and able to...
  14. cv_72mustang

    72 Conv Roof Handle

    Hi,   Trying to replace my 72 convertible roof latch.  Does anymore know the size/style of the main screw?    It appears to be a star by feel,  but I'm not sure since it's not really visible. Thinking I might be able to ratchet with onto it, maybe.  Thanks
  15. cv_72mustang

    72 Conv Front End Replacement

    Hello,   Getting my 72 back on the road (after sitting 25 years in my garage:( and looking to replace the front suspension.  Looking for a stock setup, nothing performance.  Looking to replace with a kit, upper/lower control arms, ball joints, shocks, maybe coil spring, etc.   Does anyone have...
  16. cv_72mustang

    Convertible latch

    Hi All,  My 72 Conv has a busted latch on the passenger side.  Latch works but 3/4 'handle' of it got busted.  I see I can get replacement parts,  however it appears to remove the old latch might require separation of the canvas and drilling of the rivets out.  Any comments or suggestions.  Tony
  17. cv_72mustang

    New Member

    Hi,  Just got my first car back running after 27 years unseen and unloved.  Time to fix it up and drive it!!!   Took my wife for a ride today, cool thing she was my girlfriend when I first bought it 42 years ago.  Tony