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    A finished kit

    Been after one of these for a long time. Almost 1800 mile round trip (in 37 hours) and well worth it (I hope).
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    Overdrive for my wife's '68 Camaro

    After 10 years of 4.10s with no overdrive I puller out the Turbo 400 and installed a 200 4R into my wife's Camaro. No more putting along at 60 MPH on the HWY. Hope it survives a long time because the car is now a lot more fun.
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    Picked up an old friend, '76 FXE

    Back when I was building my chopper a friend had this '76. I painted it for him in 1985. He did not use it much (last licensed in 1988) and decided that he does not want his young son to get into bikes so he asked if I'd like to give it a good home.
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    Another old chebbie

    Just when I thought I was getting close to working on the '71, the BOSS says "get that darn '69 back on the road." I have what was sold to me as a fresh 350 that I was going to use with a few hop up parts I have on the shelf. After looking at the bearings, that 350 is not going into a car in...
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    Saturday was so much nicer!

    Driving around two days ago in an old one with the windows down and no jackets. I just spent 1/2 an hour stuck on my driveway and it's 19 degrees out there. Oh well, spring is near.:s
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    Don't forget Valentines Day

    Life may not be too good if you forget. A little jewelry for the BOSS. The tires on her chebbie were almost worn out. A new set for that car took care of another car too. She's never liked the streetrod look her '23 has with it's Weld wheels. They'd be perfect on a Fox body but not on a...
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    Jill, 1971 Sportsroof

    Last April I bought Jill (1971 Sportsroof) and took delivery of a '66 coupe from the same friend. The plan was for him to bring Jill up to my house sometime soon after that. Live and a wrecked truck got in the way of that plan but today he was able to bring Jill over. He and his wife have...
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    Dirty Dodges

    The BOSS pointed out that her Dodge was looking a little too dirty. "Feel free to wash yours after you finish mine." Better than other tasks I might have been given.
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    an "old" roadster

    I received a request for more info about the old roadster I’m building so here’s the scoop on it. I don’t call it a ’32 because although it’s real steel it’s not original. The same goes for the frame rails. Maybe I spent too much time in my working roles as an engineer with a lot of years...
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    Bug bite

    I hope buying a ferin' car doesn't hurt the pony parts budget but this was on eBAy and I could not help myself. We'll see if it can make the 11 hour drive home.
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    Had to smile

    I was at a friend’s today and with the help of someone who specialized in assembling Factory Five vehicles his coupe is on the road. Still some things to do but it is nice. The topics of Mustangs came up. I mentioned my ’71 and….. “Well that’s a little better than a Mustang II” If our cars...
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    '69 Sportsruff

    It's not the nicest in the world but it's the nicest '69 I own. Funny how they always look better at the seller's house then when they get home.
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    new gauges

    While I’m making room for the’71 to be delivered I thought I’d play with a spare gauge pod. Other than the typical reflections from the flat lenses I like it a lot.
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    working on a kit

    Started to mock up the engine in my FFR. Going to be tight with a carbed LS. As it sits it has about 4” of clearance to the oil pan. It would be nice to gain another ½” for a taller air filter but I think the pan would be making too many sparks.
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    Hey from the Ozarks

    I don’t know if people like me are welcome here but I thought I’d give it a shot and spill my guts in post one. I like Fords (that’s good). I also like GM and MOPAR and foreign stuff too (that’s bad). Worst of all I like LS swaps in just about anything with a hood (#$%@**!). My wife and I...