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  1. J

    Parts For Sale 3 point seat belts/Heater and AC parts

    Have a set of 3 point seatbelts. Used for a very short while. Black. Forget which brand, hit me up if interested and i'll climb in the attic and look. $85 to your door in the lower 48. Also have the interior portion of the HVAC for a 71 factory A/C car. Box, controls, vacuum block, ducts...
  2. J

    Air Conditioner Compressor Brackets

    Hello all - Seems these are like finding unicorns. Last year, I installed a Classic Auto Air system in my son's 71/351C. It came with the Sanden compressor and a retrofit bracket to install which I thought was good since all of the original stuff was missing. Problem is, the mount does not use...
  3. J

    Parts For Sale Gauges and Clocks

    I have a set of factory gauges with harness. $125 shipped. I also have 2 clocks with harnesses. These both would need to visit with Rocketman - $30 each shipped
  4. J

    SOLD Boss 351

    For Sale - 1971 Boss 351. We bought this car a couple of years ago. Our intent was to go through it and make it 100% correct. However, time and life have got in the way. I would call it a solid driver. Has had a re-paint. shows 75XXX miles. Unsure of the actual miles. Interior is in good shape...
  5. J

    WTB - Sun Visor

    Needing a black driver side sun visor. Just the visor, don't need the rods. Thanks!
  6. J

    1 wire alternator problems

    Good Morning - I am having a run of super bad luck with Tuff Stuff's 100A 1 wire alternators... since the rebuild, we have gone through 3 of these things in about 7K miles. They all start out producing 14+v but then one day will just stop working. Is there something and these Mustangs that don't...
  7. J

    Parts For Sale Intake, Carb, and Other Parts

    I have the following parts left over from our 71 build. All engine parts are 351 C 4V Alternator and aftermarket voltage regulator - $40 Edlebrock 4BBL carb - $75 Edlebrock Torker Intake - $150 Valve Covers - $30 Trunk floor and rear sheet metal - repops/brand new $100 for both (local...
  8. J

    Best Replacement Carpet

    What brand/who sells the best replacement carpet kits? I purchased one through CJ's, but the fit is lackluster and the molded parts are off enough that the carpet will not lay flat.
  9. J

    Ignition Key Will not turn back to the arrow

    Did some searching... Now that I have the 71 up and running, my son won't quit driving his new ride.  I'll bet he has put 500 miles on it since last Sunday.  :biggrin: Last night when he got home, the ignition key would not turn all the way back to the arrow. It turns back enough to kill the...
  10. J

    Magnum 500 wheels and tires

    I have a set of 4 Magnum 500 wheels with decent 245/60/15's on them. Wheels have some rust and need to be cleaned up as well as the black centers repainted. $100 takes all four. Local pick-up in Dallas/Fort Worth or shipped on your dime and arrangements
  11. J

    Turn Signals Work In Acc. Mode

    Hello everyone... Is it normal for the turn signals to work when the key is in accessory mode (turned backwards) I am having a heck of a time with the new stereo I installed for my son and noticed this while trying to troubleshoot. I some of my searches, it looks like the white/purple stripe...
  12. J

    Who is running a 17" or bigger wheel

    Anyone running a 17" or bigger wheel? If so, what width wheel and tire combo? Any pics would be super cool as well.  Trying to figure out which way we want to go on the 71...
  13. J

    Aftermarket Gauge Lighting

    Hello - I am installing some aftermarket gauges and want to tap into the dim-able circuit to power the lights for the gauges. Can I tap into the light for the cigarette lighter for power?
  14. J

    Wanting to do the rear quarter roll down conversion

    Anyone got all the parts or a parts car they would be willing to pull the parts out of? I can do some trading or cash. Thanks, Juan
  15. J

    Good Day From North Texas

    Hello everyone! Came across this forum last night as I was searching for some info on A/C belt routing for a 71... Anyhow - My name is Juan. I reside in Fort Worth, TX. I am currently doing a driver restore on a 71 fastback for my son's 16th birthday coming up in a few weeks. The car is a 351C...