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    Power Steering Support Backet.

    Thanks in advance for the help. 71 Boss 351. The power steering high pressure fitting has a solid tube that connects to the high pressure hose to the pump. Is there a support bracket that the tube is secured to? For some reason I’m thinking there is , of course I don’t have it. Looked in my...
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    Starter and Battery Ground Cable Routing

    I’m working on a 71 Boss 351. I have the correct stater and battery ground cables. How do they route and where do the clamps mount? The ground cable has a mid terminal I understand this to be the chassis ground where does it attach? Thanks to all again.
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    Little Plastic Fillers Top Of Fenders

    It’s my understanding that the 71’s got plastic fillers at the top of the fenders,forward of the doors near the base of the windshield . Can those pieces be properly installed with the fenders installed?
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    New member in Colorado #2

    Working on two cars 1971 Boss351 and 1972 351HO Just looking in to get correct assembly infor.