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  1. RIBS

    FYI American Autowire sale..

    In my mail box today.
  2. RIBS

    Need battery info!

    The cold has driven the last nail in my batteries coffin. what’s the group size/cca. Type info I need? I don’t care about stock, concours etc…I just want it to fit and perform. 71 302 c4 convertible. aftermarket wiring harness 3 G alternator, probably 90+ amp rating…. Don’t wanna break the...
  3. RIBS

    Help with drivers door mirror!?

    Hello all, I bought a aftermarket mirror from NPD well over a year ago. The car was disassembled with no glass in the door. Now I have painted the mirror and the door and started re-assembly. The problem is the remote control cables are too short to route around the front edge of the glass and...
  4. RIBS

    Convertible owners-do me a favor!

    Can you take a few pictures of window fitment and alignment? Door and quarter? How they line up together and touch top weatherstripping? I am having a difficult time getting mine aligned. I am almost there but not quite…one quarter window is farther forward, and looks good, the other won’t go...
  5. RIBS

    Questions about deluxe door install…

    I have a 71, and am converting it to deluxe doors….want to make sure I have everything I need. the Osborn assembly manual doesn’t have deluxe doors…I have: door panels(new TMI) window felt window crank and parts remote mirror parts lower carpet polished strip to trim carpet clips for mounting...
  6. RIBS

    Fitting top. Is this right?

    Is this ok or too far back?? Also view of position of back edge.
  7. RIBS

    Reassembly time, have questions..

    I am figuring out well liner. I know how it attaches long rear seat back, but how does it attach to the back of car under window? Does it screw in tack strip after it’s final install?
  8. RIBS

    Trunk Weatherstripping install question?

    After paint, I am installing new trunk weatherstripping seal…. it sort of snapped into place when test fitting…does it need glue underneath or can it just float in the base? I have the 3M glue..
  9. RIBS

    Door fitment and weatherstripping questions…

    My car has seen a lot, I am in the process of rebuilding it. The doors have a scalloped piece of metal on the bottom that holds a weatherstrip. i currently do not have weatherstripping installed. the problem is the scalloped metal is scraping the door sill, gouging the paint. the doors fit...
  10. RIBS

    Couple of body work questions…

    First, anyone shave your radio antenna? How did you fill the holes? second, what’s the best fix for cracks/tears in fenders, I have this in both front fenders….
  11. RIBS

    Building a Sprint clone/tribute

    I have been working on this about 18 months….started putting color in the door openings so I can bolt the doors on for good….next year it should be done!
  12. RIBS

    How do you polish windshield trim on convertible?

    I think it’s stainless steel? how do you polish and clean it? Super fine steel work? Something else? thanks,
  13. RIBS

    71 convertible door strikers?

    Are these missing a plastic sleeve or are these normal?
  14. RIBS

    “# of views” broken?

    since about July 20-24th, my posts pictures all say 0 views, although I am getting likes and comments… this feature broken?
  15. RIBS

    Hello,my name is Barry.

    Barry BIG Nose!!!🤪 I don’t know why, but I see a cartoon pilot idea….
  16. RIBS

    Anyone own 3F01F228268- green 73?

    If you happen to own that car…I have the original hood, drivers door and front seats. I sent the wiring harness to Midlife so he could give it a new life.
  17. RIBS

    In Ecuador…

    Thought it was strange seeing this in Ecuador, story is it hasn’t left it’s parking place in years. The body and interior look really well preserved. Probably one of the largest cars I have ever seen. Appears to be a caddy.
  18. RIBS

    New speedo cable, speedometer jumpy…

    The needle was stable with old cable, new cable does this…ideas? I did lube with some graphite, but not much…
  19. RIBS

    New problem, engine randomly dies, no spark

    So the car generally has been reliable, but only drove it maybe 200-300 miles in first year while I rehab it. I recently rewired car with AAW kit, and have about 100 miles on it since completion, with no problems until now. here’s what’s happening…start car normal, nothing amiss…drive a short...
  20. RIBS

    Can springs be removed with fenders in place?

    I rebuilt my front end when the car was stripped, now it’s reassembled and I need to pull springs and cut them down and reinstall… can I pull the springswith fenders on or do I need space to maneuver prybars, etc…I use the spring perch/shock tower spring compressor…