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  1. nhford

    Greetings from Maine from a new member!

    Hey there neighbor. Welcome from southern New Hampshire.
  2. nhford

    Member Map?

    Ha... I think I have the same curse. Tried what I thought we're supposed to do. No luck.
  3. nhford

    Hello from southwestern Minnesota!

    Welcome from southern New Hampshire. Looking forward to a few pics!
  4. nhford

    Hey There! From Albany, NY

    Welcome from southern New Hampshire .
  5. nhford

    1971 FORD 429 4V and Transmission for sale

    How much for the Mel Torre? Ha!
  6. nhford

    Hello from Florida

    Hello and welcome from southern New Hampshire. I bought my mustang while in highschool also, 1986. It sat during college. Did a home resto job afterwards with much help from GF's dad and neighbor, engine, body, paint. Got it mostly done, stored at GFs home under cover. Few years passed, brought...
  7. nhford

    Excel spreadsheets

    Hey there. My 2 cents, unless you/others need to use the EXCEL spreadsheet, I normally print as PDF, send as a PDF. Good luck.
  8. nhford

    Hello from the Bay Area, San Jose.

    Welcome from southern New Hampshire. Love that screaming yellow!
  9. nhford

    Hello from Connecticut

    Welcome from southern New Hampshire. Post some pics!
  10. nhford

    Hello, I am a new member from Bayville, NJ.

    Welcome from southern New Hampshire. Very nice ride.
  11. nhford

    New member in Virginia

    Welcome from New Hampshire!
  12. nhford

    New to the group, Lifelong Mustang guy

    Welcome from southern New Hampshire. Love the green. : )
  13. nhford

    New member in PA

    Hey there. Very Nice ride. Welcome from southern New Hampshire.
  14. nhford

    New from Missouri

    Hey there. Nice ride. Welcome from southern New Hampshire.
  15. nhford

    It's a GASSS

    For what it's worth, my 302, not HI PO, I use reg cheap unleaded gas, and add a bottle of DRIVEN carb defender to each fill up. Supposed to fight against ethanol, help seals in carb against Ethanol, etc... Hope it helps.
  16. nhford

    New here

    Welcome from New Hampshire.
  17. nhford

    I’m sorry. I’ve strayed.

    Nice ride. You may be the talk of the street with a Ford & Chevy in the same lot.
  18. nhford

    3rd time a charm?????

    Dig your color combo... : ) I almost went metallic blue /argent , but the green just talks to me.
  19. nhford

    Throttle Linkage Modification Issue

    Hey there. Are you running that set up right now? Could you possibly take a few pics? Post them or email? I have an ugly accelerator cable set up with my 302, Edelbrock performer, and 1406. Thx.
  20. nhford

    New guy from NH

    Hey there. Nhford, Greg, here. From southern New Hampshire. This is a great site. Seems I actually registered here 2016, but never got back. Ha. So consider me a new guy. My Ford is a '72 w/ rebuilt 302, C4, duals, a sunny day cruiser. Couple pics attached... 16yrs old when I bought in '86...