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  1. J

    Parts For Sale 3 point seat belts/Heater and AC parts

    Have a set of 3 point seatbelts. Used for a very short while. Black. Forget which brand, hit me up if interested and i'll climb in the attic and look. $85 to your door in the lower 48. Also have the interior portion of the HVAC for a 71 factory A/C car. Box, controls, vacuum block, ducts...
  2. J

    Parts Wanted Wanted 351c “powered by Ford” valve cover - right/ pass only

    You can have both of them for the price of shipping. Message me your address and I will get that figured out.
  3. J

    Electric Fan Pictures

    I did this conversion during the re-build. 351C mated to a Tremec 5 speed.
  4. J

    Electric Fan Pictures

    One is wired into the Holley temp sensor and comes on at 192* The other is wired into the Holley A/C trigger and runs full time anytime the A/C is turned on. With the A/C off, the single fan is plenty. Each fan draws about 20 amps and yes, you can hear them. They sound comparable to any of the...
  5. J

    Electric Fan Pictures

    Derale 16927 - Contains 2-12" Spal fans attached to a stock radiator. Controlled by the Sniper. Consistently at 192* with or without the A/C running or in traffic.
  6. J

    1971 A/C Idler Pulley Bracket

    Assume you are going back with the stock York compressor?
  7. J

    Air Conditioner Compressor Brackets

    47 views and no replies... :) Circling back for anyone else that may have this question. I was able to resolve with a mounting bracket from Vintage air. they make a bracket specific for a 351C to mount a Sanden compressor.
  8. J

    WTB a complete Air Conditioning kit.

    Yes, the CCA kit is super nice. @71coop - I wish the controls were a little more vintage as well. However, I installed a double DIN touchscreen stereo so it doesn't look too bad. @rmowery - My cowl was rusted at this spot so I took the opportunity to weld up the intake. Do kinda miss the fresh...
  9. J

    Air Conditioner Compressor Brackets

    Hello all - Seems these are like finding unicorns. Last year, I installed a Classic Auto Air system in my son's 71/351C. It came with the Sanden compressor and a retrofit bracket to install which I thought was good since all of the original stuff was missing. Problem is, the mount does not use...
  10. J

    WTB a complete Air Conditioning kit.

    I have an A/C heater box as well as the controls from a 71. It is basically the interior side of the firewall. I would let you have it for the price of shipping. It will need some clean up and a little work.
  11. J

    WTB Windshield glass for 73 Convertible

    My son and I replaced his windshield in his 71. Bought a cheap removal kit and 3M puckey from Amazon, got new trim clips from CJ's... Took us a day to get the old one out and clean the years of old puckey. The result was 100% better. As for the trim, it simply "unclips" just find where the...
  12. J

    Interior parts

    Still have a rear ashtray?
  13. J

    Parts For Sale Gauges and Clocks

    Both clocks have been sold
  14. J

    Parts For Sale Gauges and Clocks

    I have a set of factory gauges with harness. $125 shipped. I also have 2 clocks with harnesses. These both would need to visit with Rocketman - $30 each shipped
  15. J

    Amazing Collection of 71 Mustangs

    I had the opportunity to make a deal with Finley a while back. Super nice, stand up guy!
  16. J

    INACTIVE DID NOT REPLY TO QUERIES 71 boss 351 for sale

    Because there are too many tire kickers and people who ask you to jump through hoops posting information and then never respond. If you are interested in something, pick-up the phone. BTW, this guy in Dallas, TX sold his Boss to a serious buyer who picked up the phone and gave the seller a call. : )