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    Ram air cleaner assy part

    Thank you as well Steve, you are a wealth of knowledge on these cars and appreciate you passing this info onto me and the others on this site. Tom
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    Ram air cleaner assy part

    Thank you for the links, I really appreciate it and will get these on order. Tom
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    Ram air cleaner assy part

    Thank you, the pic really helps. I appreciate it. Tom
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    Ram air cleaner assy part

    Can anyone tell me what goes here and a part name/number/source? I am pretty sure it is the crankcase breather filter but there are 2 holes not one. Thanks in advance. Tom
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    Parts Wanted Complete Used Front Grill 1973 Grande

    I also have a 73 Mach 1 grill that if you're interested in, I can send if you don't find one. Tom
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    72' Rag joint replacement inquiry

    When I did mine, I used the Lares 201 as well and it fit with no issues. I am pretty sure that I replaced mine from the top and did not have to get under the car. I did not have to remove the steering box. The steering column does collapse some to allow you to get the new one in place. Good...
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    OK, now I am stumped, no crank

    Yes it should start in neutral as well. I will be trying to adjust my neutral safety switch again later today. Thanks for the advice to make sure it clicks in Park, hopefully I can get it squared away today. Tom
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    ** Happy Thanksgiving Day Thread **

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone, be safe and enjoy the time with your family and friends. Tom
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    OK, now I am stumped, no crank

    And Midlife nailed it, wiggled the shifter and she cranks again. I guess in-between events today, I will adjust the neutral safety switch. Thanks everyone for your advice. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Tom
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    Ram Air install with Petronix Billiet distributor

    I have a 73 Mach 1with a 351 Cleveland and have successfully installed a ram air with the Petronix Billet Distributor installed. I have a Summit 750 CFM carb installed with the edelbrock 2750 performer intake. As I already suspected and this forum stated fitment would be a problem since the...
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    OK, now I am stumped, no crank

    So my 73 Mach 1 351 Cleveland has been starting and running pretty good, the last couple days I even added the ram air ( another thread to be started because I have a petronix billet distributor) and it was running good tonight. I adjusted the initial timing to 13 and it was starting good and...
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    1973 Grande - what front valance do I need?

    Sure, sorry for not including this before. If I can get to the car later, I will try to snap a pic of it installed. Good luck. Link also
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    1973 Grande - what front valance do I need?

    When you go to install the front valence, it will help tremendously if you already have the little brackets that hold the front of the fender underneath. Mine did not, but Don at OMS has them. Once I put them in place, it pulled the fenders in at the bottom and I was able to line up the front...
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    Veterans Day Thread ** Honoring, Celebrating, and Thanking ALL Veterans **

    Agreed, well said. Thank you and thanks to all of our Armed Forces and Veterans. Have a great and safe day. Tom
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    Well that sucks

    Sorry to hear this and prayers are going out to you and your family brother. Tom
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    Ram Air and Pertronix II Billet distributor question

    Thank you both 73MustangCoupe and 73inNH, I appreciate the responses and will be doing some measuring tomorrow night to see if I have the room. More to follow on this, your info will definitely help with my decision to buy or not to buy. Thanks. Tom
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    Ram Air and Pertronix II Billet distributor question

    Thanks 73MustangCoupe, I appreciate the response. Would it be too much to ask you to tell me the diameter and height (from the bottom to top) of the air filter housing without the rubber seal? I used the 71/72 motor mounts during engine install and I think it sits a little lower now. Thanks for...
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    Ram Air and Pertronix II Billet distributor question

    I remember seeing a post about Ram Air and Pertronix Billet distributors but cannot find it now. I have a 351 Cleveland with Edelbrock Performer Intake and Summit 750 carb with a 1 inch spacer, as well as the Pertronix II Billet distributor and want to install Ram Air this fall. I have heard...
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    Whistling sound when I press the brake pedal.

    Sounds like a vacuum leak possibly at the carb base gasket. I had a whistle for a couple days, turned out to be the base gasket at the carb. Good luck, don't over tighten those carb studs. Tom
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    Dead in a parking lot

    I would check the starter solenoid next to the battery (in addition to getting your battery checked). It sounds like the solenoid has went bad to me. I carry a spare in the trunk just in case. Good luck. Tom