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  1. 71ProjectJunk

    RIBS 71 convertible build JUNE 21 till??

    Yes, I replaced the spring with the Elgin 8356 from NPD. Car sits high, but my springs were only about a 1/4" longer than the ones that were there.
  2. 71ProjectJunk

    Front spring assistance needed

    I am glad that you think that the MC1278 is for a 429 WITHOUT A/C, but that is not what Eaton Detroit lists. They list it for 429 WITH A/C:
  3. 71ProjectJunk

    351 C Engine rebuild. Not an expert, want some solid advice.

    I would definitely prime any hydraulic lifters before I put them in, be it roller or not.
  4. 71ProjectJunk

    RIBS 71 convertible build JUNE 21 till??

    I just did that exact same job about 3 months ago, what a pain.
  5. 71ProjectJunk

    Full restoration

    Welcome from Texas!
  6. 71ProjectJunk

    Front spring assistance needed

    Is the part number on the box 8356? That is the Elgin spring part number I got for my 71 Mach 1 from NPD, that spring is identical to the Moog 8356. Elgin lists 4 different spring numbers for the 1971 Mustang convertible with the 302. My car sits high in the front with the Elgin springs, but it...
  7. 71ProjectJunk

    nothing seems to match

    I had a 1971 Cuda that I bought from a classic car dealer in Michigan back in 1995. The idiot dealer wrote the vin number incorrectly when issuing the title and the state issued me a title with one additional number in it. Moved to Florida in 1998, and when I went to register it, because I had...
  8. 71ProjectJunk

    71 Mach 1 Resto project

    Looking great!
  9. 71ProjectJunk


    This all will boil down to your budget, if your budget allows for a rear disc brake conversion, I see no reason why you should not do it. The only question, if you have a limited budget, is if those funds could be better used somewhere else.
  10. 71ProjectJunk


    Do you have a dial back timing light?
  11. 71ProjectJunk

    Just joined from Chicago Il.

    Welcome from Texas!
  12. 71ProjectJunk

    Best overall muffler for boss 351..

    Yup, it's not like it used to be, there are a million muffler brands, and some of them, like Flowmaster, have a bunch of choices in their one brand. All you need to do is find the sound you like, all the modern performance mufflers flow a ton of air, performance will be basically the same on a 351.
  13. 71ProjectJunk

    Engine vacuum lines and other changes

    No, the EGR valve is definitely not needed. It is just an early emission device, that does not belong on a performance engine. Leave it off.
  14. 71ProjectJunk


    This is more of a do you want the car to brake a little better, than is it advised kind of question. The rear drums work fine for normal driving, and even some spirited driving, but obviously drums have their limitations. If all you do is drive the car occasionally on the weekends to a car show...
  15. 71ProjectJunk

    Thanks for having me!

    Welcome from Texas!
  16. 71ProjectJunk

    Best overall muffler for boss 351..

    Any modern performance muffler will perform about the same on a stock or mostly stock Boss 351, they all flow a ton of air. The only question is what you want it to sound like, and that is very subjective. Flowmaster has a bunch of different mufflers with different sound levels. Best bet for you...
  17. 71ProjectJunk

    71-73 mustang Firewall grommets

    That is where the heater hoses went through. There are grommets available for the hoses.
  18. 71ProjectJunk


    71 M code Mach1 4 speed
  19. 71ProjectJunk

    71 J code Mecum Kissimmee FL 2022

    The green M-Code definitely the surprise sale.
  20. 71ProjectJunk

    Shipping sucks

    I have never paid the extra shipping charge from CJ Pony, always use the free shipping. I get parts from CJ Pony to East Texas 1 day faster than I get them from NPD. If I order in the weekend from CJ Pony I get parts on usually get parts on Thursday, from NPD it is usually Friday.