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  1. MKSpeedlab

    Power Steering box , not sure if it is a clever question...

    I got the Red Head 12:1 (it might be 12.7:1) box and absolutely love it. One of my favorite mods on the car last year.
  2. MKSpeedlab

    71-73 Mustang Exhuast

    Do you have the staggered shocks? Most places that I have looked only seem to make kits for the non staggered shocks, so it would make sense if you have to modify one side.
  3. MKSpeedlab

    Holley Sniper Info and Resources

    Some very cool tips and pointers you included. While I have had some hiccups with mine, I am happy with it and look forward to getting it more dialed in this spring.
  4. MKSpeedlab

    Disk Spindles, rotors, calipers - How much is it worth?

    I thought I would check here. I picked up a bunch of front suspension parts for my car, and it came with disk spindles, rotors, calipers, and lines. I dont need them since I recently redid all my front brakes and they are in good shape. So I figured I would ask here what they might be worth to...
  5. MKSpeedlab

    Has anyone replaced their seats with modern electric sears from a late model car

    I looked at a few options but wanted to find something that sat as low as possible. I ended up getting a set of the factory Recaros out of a 82 Mustang GT. They were a bit rough so I ended up getting them recovered to look like the originals. Im thrilled with how it all turned out.
  6. MKSpeedlab

    Holley Hyperspark Distributor - SOLD

    Figured Id throw this up for sale here. Selling my Sniper EFI Distributor for a 351C/429/460. Has maybe 1500km on it and is in great condition. Just changed up my setup a little so don't need this one. It works perfect and comes with the box and everything you can see in the pics. Currently has...
  7. MKSpeedlab

    AOD Swap Driveshaft

    Which trans did your car have? Cause looking things up I think the AOD is like 3" shorter than the C6, so it seems like I would need a longer driveshaft. 
  8. MKSpeedlab

    To EFI or Not EFI, that, and which one, is the question.

    Ya, Im hoping this coming year I have all the bugs worked out.  The other part I will say, is take your time deciding which one you want. In hindsight, I would likely have paid a little more and got the Super Sniper with extra inputs which would be nice for logging. Or I might even have seen if...
  9. MKSpeedlab

    AOD Swap Driveshaft

    I do agree with that. Part of it was more to use to look for a used driveshaft. My understanding is it is usually cheaper to shorten a driveshaft than lengthen one, so I was hoping to get a ballpark so I dont wind up with one thats too short. I would measure but it probably wont be a little...
  10. MKSpeedlab

    AOD Swap Driveshaft

    Just curious if anyone knows of a place that sells either an AOD swap driveshaft for a 72 with 351C, AOD(Originally C6) and 9". Or if anyone knows the length. I have been meaning to get to the wrecker and see if I can find an AOD D/S out of another vehicle, but its far too cold to crawl under a...
  11. MKSpeedlab

    To EFI or Not EFI, that, and which one, is the question.

    I put a Sniper on mine last year and it has been a little bit of a mixed bag. I will share a couple things I have learnt from the process.  1: Make sure everything else on your car is good. A carb is a pretty simple tool and wont care if you have an exhaust leak. I finally found my car had a...
  12. MKSpeedlab

    Wheel alignment spec problems

    Some shops will align it to whats in the book and that doesnt work with new radial tires. The old alignment specs they might be using could still be for old bias ply tires. These are the specs I used when I took mine in to the shop. I printed them out and said this is what I wanted. Opentracker...
  13. MKSpeedlab

    Springs or coil overs?

    I put on a set of Viking coil overs in the front of mine and am really happy with the kit. They are double adjustable, and kind of a hybrid coil over since they use the stock upper spring seat but then a coil over on the bottom if that makes any sense. 
  14. MKSpeedlab

    What did you do to your car today?

    I learnt the secret of finding parts. Just before finding these I had decided I was going to focus on paying off some bills and trying not to spend so much money on the car. And just like that, when I decide not to buy car parts, poof, car parts I want seem to appear lol. 
  15. MKSpeedlab

    What did you do to your car today?

    Besides tinkering on putting the engine back together. I ended up picking up a bunch of front suspension goodies for mine. There was someone on FB Marketplace selling global west upper/lower control arms, and strut rods because they are swapping to a Mustang 2 style front suspension to go with a...
  16. MKSpeedlab

    Should I get a new Timing set?

    Ya, just frustrating. Hopefully I can figure something out with them. I was hoping to get the engine buttoned back up and ready to go in over the next couple weeks. So will see what I end up doing. 
  17. MKSpeedlab

    Should I get a new Timing set?

    So talked to TMeyer and it looks like Rollmaster packaged the wrong set in the box. He said the chain is the correct length, but the gears are both the wrong size. And to make it worse, the other 2 sets he has in stock from Rollmaster also have the wrong gears in the box. I just seem to be...
  18. MKSpeedlab

    Should I get a new Timing set?

    So after looking more, and some test fitting. Im pretty sure its the wrong timing set. Its supposed to be the CS3091, but when I put the crank gear on, the chain looks WAYYYYY too long. Like if you put the crank and cam gears both on, you likely need to take 1.5" out of the chain. The cam gear...
  19. MKSpeedlab

    Should I get a new Timing set?

    So maybe this is a newbie question. But Im a little confused installing the new Rollmaster timing set. Looking at the pictures on Tmeyers site it makes sense how I would install it. But the timing set I have seems to me like it has the stamps for the adjustable keyways on the wrong side of the...
  20. MKSpeedlab

    Photos with Friends

    Well before the snow started to hit the ground here I got together with my brother and a buddy of mine to get some pics of all of our cars together. My brother has the 1960 Thunderbird, which he has been putting a ton of work into. He has upgraded the brakes, steering, and put in a C6 and is...