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  1. TheRktmn

    1971 Factory Tach - How much $$$

    It becomes a modern '3 wire' tach so it is no longer part of the primary circuit. The third wire goes to the distributor side of the coil or ignition box tach output. If you opt for a converted factory tach or to have your warning light assembly converted into a tach Midlife can include the...
  2. TheRktmn

    1971 Factory Tach - How much $$$

    I generally pay up to $100 for one as long as the case is intact, the pointer is all there (many are snapped off or short) and the face isn't pitted or rusted. I don't care if they work or not since the Faria built tachs were garbage in 1971 and have not gotten better with age. Most have dried...
  3. TheRktmn

    Things are starting to work better, but..........

    Works great, thank you. Also like the zoom to top arrow. (y)(y)
  4. TheRktmn

    Things are starting to work better, but..........

    I cannot link directly to new posts anymore. The URL returns an error. It would be nice if there was a 'Mark all Read' at the bootom like the old site since when I get to the last new post it saves having to scroll back to the top (but maybe that's...
  5. TheRktmn

    Any ideas

    Ford Streetka
  6. TheRktmn

    Teaser pic of a car local to me.

    I came across it on Amazon.  It's part of a 3 Halicki movie set.
  7. TheRktmn

    Teaser pic of a car local to me.

    Gone in 60 Seconds II was released as a 34 minute short. Irregardless, I think the seller needs to step away from the crack pipe.
  8. TheRktmn

    Rocketman Tach Conversion - Installation Wiring Question

    If you use the factory connector/pigtail I send back with the tach to make the jumper you will be tapping into the 12V (B+) ignition wire before the resistor. Check the voltage under the dash @ the connector - it has full battery voltage. Put the red tach wire in with the two you combined to...
  9. TheRktmn

    Complete wiring harness

    Your best bet is Midlife Harness.  Randy is a supporting member here and can restore your harness to original condition and add any 'new' circuits for things that have added on after the car left the factory.
  10. TheRktmn

    Installed FPA Headers

    Love my FPA headers.  Great guy, easy to work with.
  11. TheRktmn

    What's fair market on this?

    I have a shop that wants to buy an accessory (Temp/Amps/Oil) gauge pod from me.  I have no idea what I paid or traded for it.  The pod is complete, in very good shape and has the OEM harness. Problem is, I have no idea what it's worth.  Anyone care to place a value on it?
  12. TheRktmn

    Interior Bolt Kit

    AMK makes kits. I picked the first one for the link, but there are more choices.
  13. TheRktmn

    Alternative clock movement

    Yes, I do both.
  14. TheRktmn

    Factory tach inop

    The tach will read low if you have too much resistance in the primary circuit.  Are you running the factory 'pink' wire along with an external ballast resistor, or an aftermarket 3.0 ohm '12V' coil? A list of Pertronix coils and their resistance ratings is here: ...
  15. TheRktmn

    Factory tach inop

    The 1.5 ohm resistor is to protect the coil/points. During start the circuit has B+ (battery voltage).  Since the primary ignition circuit goes through the tach the tach is designed to have that resistor. Without it the tach will read high (and eventually die). If you have a tach reading...
  16. TheRktmn

    Fuel Gauge Malfunction

    Needle would be on or just past E at 10 ohms.  3/4 is about 16 I believe.  If the needle does not not max out when disconnected from sender then it's in the sender or gauge. 71-73 have plastic housings so it's not the gauge stud grounding.  That leaves sender or printed circuit on back of...
  17. TheRktmn

    FMX Tranny rebuild

    I rebuilt my FMX back in 79 or 80.  I din't remember details, but it was fairly straight forward.  I worked in a garage at the time so I had access to tools like an inch pound torque wrench, but I don't remember there being anything crazy hard about it.   Why not order the kit and have at it?
  18. TheRktmn

    This is why you check everything!

    It drives me nuts when people don't take the time to twist multi-strand wires before they connect them together.  Seriously, how much longer would it have taken to make a decent looking connection.  That's just shoddy workmanship.  /S  :classic_tongue:
  19. TheRktmn

    Remote (electric) trunk release

    From my '69:
  20. TheRktmn

    Engine keeps running when tach connected

    I have seen this happen when using a relay in the ignition circuit: