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  1. midlife


    Sigh...I'm a forum member but I don't have a 7123 Mustang. Please forgive me. Now that I've posted on this thread, my mind is at ease.
  2. midlife

    Fabrice's 429CJ 71 project

    Isn't working with metal fun? For some, it is a pain, but I think you enjoy it. I know I did when I was able to. Keep up the good work.
  3. midlife

    Best overall muffler for boss 351..

    I'm going against the advice of above: no mufflers at all or even pipes past the header! Let that big boy sound off!
  4. midlife

    Positive feedback for midlife

    Wow. Thanks for the kudos. Nobody likes to walk the snow, barefoot, uphill, pushing a 50+ yo car. *G*
  5. midlife

    72 Mach 1 registry list

    Unlikely that all R Code Mach1's were built in the same factory. Build dates as per door VIN cards were scheduled build dates, not the true date. For the true date, you have to access the Marti database.
  6. midlife

    72 Mach 1 registry list

    Cars were assigned numbers as the orders came in and assigned for bucking. The order in which they were built depended upon factors such as availability of parts, paint colors, etc. Two consecutive VIN cars were not necessarily sequential along the assembly line.
  7. midlife

    72 Mach 1 registry list

    There was more than 27,000 Mach 1's in 1972. Your number must be for a particular engine designation.
  8. midlife

    High beams light indicator

    It is a green/black wire that goes to the dash cluster connector. How do you know that the bulb is OK? Check the traces on the circuit card to see if there is a break there for the signal and for the ground lead.
  9. midlife

    Heater fan sounds like an egg beater

    I use trained ferrets for jobs like this.
  10. midlife

    Any vendors here interested in buying this shop out?

    I know the owner well. The property is very close to the Atlanta airport, and he got an offer he couldn't refuse for the building. He'll continue selling stuff on-line, but needs to get rid of his inventory.
  11. midlife

    Brake lights and horn don't work, help!

    Circuit breakers are cheap, and readily available. They are better than inline fuses, as you don't have to replace them every time you have a problem. Plus, you have no idea what's providing your power and you could overload it but not the inline fuse. Don't be a cheapskate!
  12. midlife

    Too short front seat belts - Free

    Ha! I've found seat belts shorten themselves automatically over the years, particularly airplane seat belts. Come to think of it, pants belts seem to shorten over time as well...Hmmmm...must be due to Climate Change...
  13. midlife

    Shipping sucks

    Shipping via USPS has gone up dramatically in the past 5 years. FedEx has raised its rates by about 50% over that time period as well. I'm still eating shipping costs for gross orders of $100 or more, but had to charge shipping for orders less than that. That's the only change I've...
  14. midlife

    Preview Feature: Disabling?

    Is there a way to disable the preview feature? When viewing a list of posts, the cursor inadvertently initiates a preview feature that covers the thread that I want to read new posts on. This is very annoying, to say the least. I don't see how I can do it within my profile, though.
  15. midlife

    Gremlins in the blinkers. And side marker lights. And...

    I prefer freshly laundered shorts, BTW.
  16. midlife

    Anyone here do American Autowire Harness?

    Be prepared to learn a bunch of new swear words...just sayin'...
  17. midlife

    Brake lights and horn don't work, help!

    There's a metal frame with a bunch of relays, connectors, etc. somewhere behind the glove box. Those two leads are probably them. They fit into a CB mounted on a longer piece of metal. The hot wire is yellow; the brake line power is green/red.
  18. midlife

    Brake lights and horn don't work, help!

    That is the correct plug for turn signal flasher. Power comes from a circuit breaker with a yellow wire and a green/red wire, which routes to the turn signal switch flasher can and then on to the brake switch. If no power, either the circuit breaker is defective, or any of the two wires...
  19. midlife

    dual exhaust and gas line

    Real gearheads remove everything past the collector pipe, which annoys the neighbors to no end (that's usually good!). Problem solved!
  20. midlife

    Thread Preview Feature

    I find the thread preview feature very annoying, as it blocks the link to the post I'm trying to read. Is there any way to remove the preview feature, that is, when the cursor comes close to a thread link, the first post is shown in a large block of text. Thanks.