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  1. Vicus

    Large voltage Drop

    That's totally correct!👍
  2. Vicus

    Mustang seat upholstery?

    And by the way, we like to look at pictures of the new entries, of the Mustangs of course. 😉
  3. Vicus

    Mustang seat upholstery?

    René There is an interesting dealer for Mustang parts in Poland. He has a branch in Germany and this dealer is very agile. I think that the parent company in Poland is also good. Check with He has many parts in stock and can get everything else. Your advantage is that you...
  4. Vicus

    Scott drake Ram air hood ?????

    Andreas Since the sun rarely hits the earth directly from above in the latitudes where you live, but mostly at shallow angles, you should think about the fact, that it won't be a very good idea to paint that long hood in high gloss. I would advise a matte color, but as the other have written...
  5. Vicus

    Wiper arms

    NPD is selling pop rivets?
  6. Vicus

    Wiper arms

    There is a small hole near the base of the wiper, just beyond where the wiper pivots up. Lift up the wiper arm and put the shaft of a pop rivet into that hold. This will hold the wiper in the "up" position, which is where it needs to be to be removed. With it in that position, you can then grasp...
  7. Vicus

    Manifold Vacuum Tree

    Hi George The attached vacuum hose diagram might help. Cheers Frank
  8. Vicus

    LOOOOONG overdue intro from 71 Mach 1 owner

    A great car and a great story. Welcome back to this forum. Greetings from Germany
  9. Vicus

    Hello from Switzerland

    Welcome from South West Germany.
  10. Vicus

    Gauges 101

    Kevin I have had similar readings on water temperature and oil pressure gauge when head lights were on and correct readings when head lights were off. An additional ground cable from engine to body fixed this problem instantly. Frank
  11. Vicus

    Parts For Sale Seat related parts

    Doug, I'm interested in two blue hinge covers for the front seat back and in the blue Deluxe front belt set if this includes the shoulder harnesses too? If so, will you send it internationally? I would cover the additional shipping costs for sure. Regards from Germany Frank
  12. Vicus

    1972 mustang

    Welcome from Germany. Frank
  13. Vicus

    1972 rear bumper. How to identify original part

    Thanks Geoff. It almost looks like I've drawn a good lot. I wish you a blessed Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year. Frank
  14. Vicus

    1972 rear bumper. How to identify original part

    Hi folks I was able to get a used rear bumper in a quite good condition but now I'm wondering, how I can tell that it's really a used old bumper and not a reproduction. Left an right to the license plate cut out I found two markings.  can someone confirm, that this is an original one...
  15. Vicus

    "Old stuff" quite interesting.

    Got it now. The email app on my smartphone just showed the text and on my laptop MS Outlook refused to open the file. Now I could open it with Mozilla's thunderbird. Frank
  16. Vicus

    How to store a car properly over the winter!

    Great Idea, Mike!  :thumb:
  17. Vicus

    Full blue console

    I'm not sure whether I can organize the shipping while living on this side of the pond. I will try, but maybe fail. So if any other guy is asking for the console, please don't hesitate to sell it. 
  18. Vicus

    Full blue console

    Many thanks Geoff for supporting with excellent ideas. :thumb:
  19. Vicus

    Full blue console

    I will check the shipping options and reply to you. Do you have the possibility to pack the console shatter-proof?
  20. Vicus

    Hello from Pa.

    I like the iridescent colors. Your family has two really nice mustangs. Oh yes, a warm welcome from Germany. Frank