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  1. Hemikiller

    Source for Pwr Steering Pump & Pully

    Send it to Dan @ Chockostang for a rebuild. He may have a pulley on hand.
  2. Hemikiller

    TMI Front seat bottom upholstery not fitting well

    Did you install and hog ring the horizontal listing wire to the seat frame at the front?
  3. Hemikiller

    1973 Mach 1 H code 351C Original Rocker Arms

    Manufacturing marks. Could be tooling, batch, operator or any number of things.
  4. Hemikiller

    Mustang seat upholstery?

    70 seat frames are very different from the 71-73. FWIW, a 73 convertible should have the upholstery with the comfortweave inserts in the vertical Deluxe pattern if you're looking to be correct.
  5. Hemikiller

    Autolite 4100 and 289 performer intake

    PCV should always be plumbed under the carburetor so it is more or less evenly distributed among all cylinders. Since it's a controlled vacuum leak, plumbing it into an individual runner will cause that cylinder to run lean. I have a Performer 289 on a 302 here and mocked up a couple ideas with...
  6. Hemikiller

    Question about engine frame mounts

    Those do not fit '73, the listing is incorrect. One reviewer even noted they didn't work on his '73.
  7. Hemikiller

    1972 Coupe wiring schematic

    Agreed, the available diagrams are lacking. I have a couple of the aftermarket wiring diagram booklets and they're 90's tech copy resolution - not great. They're significantly reduced, as the original diagrams were 17x30 with a trifold. Forel's colorized diagrams look good, and if one wanted...
  8. Hemikiller


    Not following you here. Can you post a pic of what you're referring to?
  9. Hemikiller

    1972 Coupe wiring schematic

    You can grab the 72 PDF from the Wiki and poster print it if you need a larger size. Forel Publishing offers colorized factory diagrams in PDF downloads...
  10. Hemikiller

    Question about engine frame mounts

    Just to add some more detail to the above posts, so you don't end up with the incorrect parts. 71-72 coupe/sportsroof frame mounts will work for 302, 351W & 351C in all 71-73 cars. These take the Anchor 2257 mount that's available everywhere and is used from late 65-72. Do not get 71-72...
  11. Hemikiller

    Glovebox wiring questions

    Midlife is taking a break until mid-March from his post on his ads. Ford used only two dash harness assemblies at the start of '72, one for tach & gauges cars, one for those without. When the active seat belt warning system came into production in Jan 71, the harnesses were changed to...
  12. Hemikiller

    Fuel Pump replacement or upgrade?

    Factory pump produces plenty of pressure and volume for your setup. The Carter M4009 Jason recommended is a great retrofit, originally used on 65 and earlier cars. It has a large cannister style filter on it that has acres of filter area...
  13. Hemikiller

    Glovebox wiring questions

    The wire colors will give you clues to their usage. The Ford diagrams had a chart with all the wire colors and markings, then broke it down to the circuit and what they're used for. The wire in the pic looks to be Red w/Orange hash marks. That's part of the blower motor circuit. If the hash mark...
  14. Hemikiller

    Very little heat/ac flow, think I need to rebuild or replace heater box

    Maybe @Motorcity Mustang would have a good used one
  15. Hemikiller

    T5 shifter.

    I used a shift lever from a 69 Camaro on a friend's T5 conversion way back. I believe it was the 538-7436. The chart below shows dimensions so you can mock something up.
  16. Hemikiller

    Got tired of bottoming out. Brand new tires are no longer at risk

    I'd say a call to Snap On corporate would get those tools warrantied. Different company, but Mac warrantied one of my deadblow hammers when it exploded after 24 years of use.
  17. Hemikiller

    It's back....

    Only hit $17K on the eBay listing for 3F03H240976 Link to original discussion thread:
  18. Hemikiller

    How Do You Remove the A/C Thermostat Control From Evaporator

    It should pull right out, maybe try pushing from the backside if it's accessible. The bulb is for the deicer switch. It's normally closed, so you can test it for continuity across the terminals. Shop manual says to put the bulb in a mixture of crushed ice and salted water, it should open the...
  19. Hemikiller

    WTB: 1971 351-4V motor

    Not a comment on your price, offering up what I found online in response to his wanted ad.
  20. Hemikiller

    WTB: 1971 351-4V motor

    This guy in Michgan is offering a 70 M-code engine for $1000