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    Need a Carb recommendation

    sorry about that , thought i gave part number for Holley spread bore carb .
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    Need a Carb recommendation

    Part# 0-80459SA holley spread bore 750cfm carb.would be a good fit for stock or mild build.Keep the 3:89's if you want to add a mild cam look at the Comp Cams Dual Energy cam 275DEH 2000 - 6000 RPM range.
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    Decision Time... Advice?

    Sounds like you just need a minor rebuild to fix carb problem,sounds like the needle and seat just need replacing .
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    What Mufflers to purchase

    Flowmaster super 40 will sound nice
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    Help me find a torque convertor

    if you cant find what you are looking for with TCI try B&M they have a Holeshot convertor one at 2000 and one at 2400
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    Help me find a torque convertor this might work for you
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    What are your "deserted Island" top 4 bands?

    Guess i would have to go with lynyrd skynyrd ac/dc bruce springsteen and joan jett.
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    New guy from South Carolina

    Welcome from mobile alabama fine looking ride
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    Have you checked your..

    Also if you have a single exhaust pick up their exhaust o-pipe for a cheap dual exhaust system
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    When do you speak up??

    Had one of those moments the other day couple of guys stopped to look at my mach 1 and one mentioned he was building a ford truck . He put a boss 302 from a 1976 mustang and a 4 speed powerglide trany in it. I stopped myself from busting out laughing and told him i really wanted to see this...
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    what are your MPG's?

    I get roughly 5 to 6 mpg in city and close to 10 to 12 highway with a 2.75 open rear
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    Blue Glow Metallic w/ Black

    Only pic i could find of blue and black , don't think it is the exact color but it does not look bad
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    Anyone ever find a drag coefficient for our cars?

    Back in my younger days there was a long stretch of highway 80 i could open up my 72 Mach , at 145 mph it smooth sailing
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    Welcome from Mobile , Al.
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    1973 H code Mach 1
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    Anybody keeping track?

    Out of the roughly 7 pages of the registry on this site the 73's are out in front so far 73 = 48 , 72 = 39 , 71 = 45 granted all members have not registered there yet , but it is a starting point . Probably a long way to go as well though
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    Back from vacation

    Welcome back Chuck !
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    Hello folks

    Welcome from Mobile ,Al.
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    Hello from VA

    ::welcome:: from Mobile , Al.
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    Allow me to Introduce myself!

    ::welcome:: From Mobile , Al. Sweet looking Mustang