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  1. 1973grandeklar

    Is it only me? New parts that are defective right out of the box.

    It is not only you. It seems we are all experiencing the "new" normal. I am over 50 and never thought we would see the junk designs, lack of intelligence, or plain carelessness that I am seeing in manufacturing. I work for a medical device manufacturer and am starting to see signs of this...
  2. 1973grandeklar

    Need grill suport bracket for mach 1 grill conversion..... I think.....?

    Oh crap, I have one that is bent and I tossed it in my salvage pile (never throw anything away). I was going to just find a nice used part thinking they are a dime a dozen. Thanks for the heads up, I will be retrieving that part and doing some serious repair/restoration on it. Put a clear tag...
  3. 1973grandeklar

    Starting on the 1972 Mach 1

    Son started a Youtube channel: This one is a general overview of current status and his plans. Been working on a bunch of little details and getting ready to put the glass in so the interior is sealed. Then the electronics and control package will go in.
  4. 1973grandeklar

    Name of Parts

    If 71mach1web passes on the bumper, let me know. I am interested as well. But I defer to him as he was first.
  5. 1973grandeklar

    Starting on the 1972 Mach 1

    Been a while, some more progress, but mostly just mechanical stuff. Pulled the rear axles. Had one side that was very gritty sounding. Bearing was rusty and was no good. New axle bearings and seals. Pulled the 9" rear pumpkin. Cleaned out very sticky oil, put in a posi-rear end set with 4.11...
  6. 1973grandeklar

    Mustang Parts supplier

    Boy, CJ Pony is taking a beating. I have ordered from them and been pleased. They did mess up one order, I called, got a real person, and they corrected the order immediately by shipping the correct part even before I sent the wrong one back. Full refund! My favorite is NPD in Charlotte. Forty...
  7. 1973grandeklar

    Opinions on '72 6 cyl vert

    This is a comment about convertibles in general: The classic convertible in the muscle car is highly desirable and always command premium pricing (even for the rusted out shell). I have owned a couple (neither one a Mustang, but 1970 and 1971 Lemans) and to this day kick myself for getting rid...
  8. 1973grandeklar

    Gremlins in the blinkers. And side marker lights. And...

    First rule: Do not feed the gremlins after midnight! Second, re-check the installation of the new turn signal in the steering column. Reading back through, you found bare wires in the old one and this might have been the original issue. May not have been shorting directly to ground on the...
  9. 1973grandeklar

    Hooked up battery backwards - car won't start

    So did your buddy have to replace his alternator some time later? Hooking up jumpers backward is bad for both vehicles. If you hooked up your battery backward, the posts are different sizes. The cable themselves on your car might not be making good contact with the battery posts as you may have...
  10. 1973grandeklar

    8 track player speed adjustment

    The 8-track tape cassette has the tape pinched in rubber like rollers (of a specific durometer) that run against a motor that pulls the tape across the magnetic read heads. The alcohol trick mentioned above is to clean the residue off the rollers and head. If they get dirty or coated with...
  11. 1973grandeklar


    Old school here.
  12. 1973grandeklar

    Starting on the 1972 Mach 1

    My son shared some pictures from his day job! A tad bit more expensive than what the Mach 1 is going to be!!!
  13. 1973grandeklar

    Starting on the 1972 Mach 1

    Mounted the electric power steering:
  14. 1973grandeklar

    Restoration Detail Oversights?

    Keep everything! I even kept the rust out barely there floor pans after replacing them. Then I got to the e-brake install and realized there is a tab welded to the bottom of the floor pan. Dug it out of my save pile and found the tab! Another example, went back to the rusted out cowl and found...
  15. 1973grandeklar

    The Rickster - a 73 Mach 1 work in progress

    Wow. Amazing. I am partial to that green:)
  16. 1973grandeklar

    Starting on the 1972 Mach 1

    Finished putting a second coat of paint on the floor and some touch up on the roll cage. My son chose gold to add some "bling". It is a young guy thing, but it does look good. Started putting the wire harness and fresh air ducts on the cowl. We also started mapping out where the Holley...
  17. 1973grandeklar

    Starting on the 1972 Mach 1

    One other note, the steering wheel is on as a place holder. A removable one is going to be installed. It became obvious for my son to get in and out of this car with the side bars, the steering wheel has to be removable.
  18. 1973grandeklar

    Starting on the 1972 Mach 1

    Roll cage done, heater core in, dash frame installed. Now a ton of little stuff and put the rest of the glass in. Also, notice how the tunnel is crumpled, more evidence of this car being in a major wreck at some time in its life. It will live on and not be scrapped!!!
  19. 1973grandeklar

    Starting on the 1972 Mach 1

    Weather turned nice for a few days! Started getting the roll cage welded in, heater box cleaned and new heater core installed. I had ordered the firewall pad from a Mustang vendor. They had the expensive one and the cheap one. I got the cheap one. This supposedly had cutouts for various options...
  20. 1973grandeklar

    73 Coyote swap

    I believe if you look at CJ Pony parts in the aftermarket suspension section they have a conversion kit for putting in a rack and pinion steering. Looking farther into the options they list motor mount options for the Coyote engine, This would give you an excellent steering upgrade, suspension...