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  1. Aris

    Serial number question

    So... My -73 Mustang numbers are 242388 manufacture date 05/73, does this mean that over 142 k Mustangs were build before my one?
  2. Aris


    -73 H-code Mach1. With 351, C6, air and Ram Air
  3. Aris

    Has anyone successfully tinted the rear window in a fastback?

    Best result you will get if you pull the window, tint it and after that reinstall it. I did that way.
  4. Aris

    Axle Seal Concern

    The outer ring of the bearing does not look healthy. Is the shaft bent or the bearing is installed incorrectly. I recommend replacing bearing and seal ...
  5. Aris


    -73 351 C6 H code Mach1
  6. Aris

    Shipping sucks

    Same here in Finland, shipping costs to Finland always at least 100$! I also use usually RockAuto they have quite low shipping fees but they dosen't have all parts there. I have too address in Florida and I can use that for bigger parts and ship those by using sea container service.
  7. Aris

    Air Expansion valve

    Thank you both. Now I know how it should be installed. :wrench:
  8. Aris

    Air Expansion valve

    Is that larger one connection to low or high pressure in the compressor?
  9. Aris

    Air Expansion valve

    Hi!  Like you see from the pic there is some strange connection solution in AC system. Some one previous owners has delete expansion valve from my -73 mustang some reason?? Now there is after market hydraulic connection. Which way I should connect this new Expansion valve. There is one larger...
  10. Aris

    Floor Drain Hole Cover / Plug

    Yes I mean those  92GTS-R Maybe it really is part of assembly line purposes only??? So I will close it with water proof material....
  11. Aris

    Floor Drain Hole Cover / Plug

    What is the meaning for that floor drain hole cover. Should it be glued water tight or left with out glue?  Is it an accessory that needs to be removed if water needs drained from the floor?  Or should it work like automatic and leak water out from the car?
  12. Aris

    Mustangs Plus

    Does this Mustangs Plus spare parts business still exist? I placed an order for some decals and a confirmation of the order and payment came to my email. Now there have been nothing for many months. They not responding to email or contact requests. Luckily I didn't order anything more expensive...
  13. Aris

    Dash Pad removal

    Should there be a rubber seal between the windshield and the dashboard? My car doesn’t have that rubber seal which one is in that picture?
  14. Aris

    351 Ford Mustang Power Steering Oil Cooler

    Hi there! Looking for 351 C 1973 Ford Mustang Power Steering Oil Cooler. 
  15. Aris

    Slott wheel center cup

    Is there some where for sale just a center cup plastic logos for -73 slott wheels? Does the size of another model center cup plastic logo fit to -73 center cups?
  16. Aris

    Front Bumper 1973

    HI! Thank you. So there was more bolts inside the bumper...  :thankyouyellow: :goodpost:
  17. Aris

    Front Bumper 1973

    Hi! How I can take off that rubber skin from bumper metal parts? I take off those bolts under the bumper but the cover dosent't come out.