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    Center Console shifter Plate Assembly 1971-1973

    That's the Re-pop I bought 4 years ago, and it still looks great. but id rechroming is $109 that's sounds like a good deal because you still have the OEM part, so you know the Fit and texture is Perfect!!!
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    ‘73 Vert. Dual Exhaust install

    My car was a stock single exhaust, the embedded nuts were in the frame on the drivers side from the factory. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    ‘73 Vert. Dual Exhaust install

    Yes we did touch on it last year, we also have a section with Display only (put up a barracade) I tought it would be really nice to have a car that was on a magazine to show the before and after. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Tapatalk
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    ‘73 Vert. Dual Exhaust install

    you should bring it to the 2018 MCA Grand National in New Hampshire, my Club is hosting it, and I will be working the show, it would be great to see it in person.
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    Front disc brake swap master cylinder?

    I Installed this kit in the spring, it was complete and was worth every penny see my tread below This is the brake kit I bought
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    71-73 Parts for sale

    A friend of mine Al just sold his 1973 Show car and is selling off all of his extra parts,  Email him with any parts you are looking for,  he is located in Seekonk Massachusetts, but can be reached via email  [email protected]
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    I've been trying to sell mine for ever, this issue is the cost of freight
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    Wolverine and luxstang are writing history.

    Have fun Guys and Gals   :D
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    In cintral MA. I got a free Nasa hood it is rust free

    I'm interested in the hood,  I can Pick it up,  I live in RI  about 1 hr away.  please Email me some pictures [email protected] is it an OEM or aftermarket? iyman
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    Tasca FORD and why I will never buy another ford product

    Tasca Ford in Cranston RI is only 5 miles from me, I have bought a few cars from them, I only use their parts department because they are close to me, as for their service DPT, I'm not a fan at all, I've had my share of issues with them. I know many people have used the Tasca Mod shop for...
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    What I learned converting to power front disk brakes.

    jowens1126, I bought my Manual brakes to Power conversion kit back in the spring from Leed brakes, no modification to the fire all at all, its fit right in the stock opening after removing the block off plate, they also show you how to modify the pedal for power brakes, it 2" lower then...
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    71/72 in film car chase

    I noticed the Wet and Dry seen, and also the skid plates when it rolled over too. also the wooden fire hydrant, watch how it falls apart
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    E-Bay NOS OEM Ford 1971 1972 1973 Mustang Standard Hood Sheet Metal

    71,72,73 same hood. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    E-Bay NOS OEM Ford 1971 1972 1973 Mustang Standard Hood Sheet Metal

    I have a Standard Flat hood at my house, very good condition, date stamped late January 1972 first $100 can have it + freight :)
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    87fox72mach Awesome seller

    I have bought a few things from him, always a great experience!!
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    Our member "Totalled" passed away.

    Very sad news, he will be truly missed.
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    Paint Codes

    The blackout under the back edge of the hood was on all of the light color cars, so the driver cant see the bottom of the hood, and also the lower pinch welds on the body were also blacked out, so when standing 10 feet away you can't see the pinch welds...
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    Convertible Top Handle Replacement

    I used a screw. I cut an X in the bottom, I inserted the screw, then used a right angle screwdriver to get in there and bend the X to lock it in place, its been holing up for 13 yrs so far.
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    My car finally has Pwr Disc Brakes!!

    I bought the car November 2002 and the brakes were installed by my wife's cousin (previous owner) back in 1998 or 1999 can't remember. I have put about 20k+ miles on it, and the pads still looked great, the only issue I found was the passengers side wheel cylinder was leaking a bit, I...