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    Center Console Map Light Clone with LED

    I'm still around. Production may resume this summer. PM me if you are interested so I can have a list of all interested parties. Thank you all for your patience! Thanks Paul [email protected]
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    Engine frame mounts for a 429 engine instal

    so from what I've read there are 3 frame perches. 71-72 vert 73 they do not mention engine size so there u go Paul
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    What did you do to your car today?

    Sounds DAM GOOD  Well Done Sir!!! Paul
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    Newer Music Video with a 73 Thomas Rhett

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    FMX to B&M Ratchet Shifter

    photos sent let me know. Paul
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    FMX to B&M Ratchet Shifter

    The PO had a B&M Mega shifter connected to the FMX that was in my car. There was a ear made that atatched to the shift lever and the throw of the cable was changed with a spacer at the shifter. He used a C6 cable bracket and it had the rear hole slotted to mount to the FMX. I sold the...
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    Turn signals not working

    What he said There are two flasher units one for blinkers and one for hazard lights if I remember correctly. Check the ground connections from the harness in the trunk and up front at the radiator support they get rusty. The bulb sockets also get corrosion. Paul
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    Center Console Map Light Clone with LED

    Update; I notified the first five interested parties that I have a map light for them. They can ship 5/13/17 Thanks Paul
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    Oil pump shaft fell into oil pan,, well fudge

    What would happen if it was just left in the pan and get another shaft?
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    Center Console Map Light Clone with LED

    PM sent Thanks Paul
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    Center Console Map Light Clone with LED

    Thanks I have the part finalized and production will begin this week.  I have several pre-orders to fill then they will be available on ebay. Paul
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    '73 fender extensions (mounting)

    Attaches by the 3 studs with self thread cutting stamped nuts
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    Motor Mount Bolt Size??

    you can get them from in like 3 days I love that site Paul
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    Center Console Map Light Clone with LED

    Update   ::thumb:: I Decided to 3D print the map lights to make it easier to meet demand. I've been perfecting the 3D model and print process and am near finalizing the product. I hope to send the next prototype to 73 Pony by the weekend for fitment confirmation in his car after I check it...
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    71 -72 Chrome Bumper on my 73

    I dont see 71-2 fenders making a difference The 71-2 bracket mounting hole locations are different than the 73 and the 73 grill is different. Paul
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    Trouble with alignment

    I'm curious to know why the expert couldn't shorten the strut rod(s) a bit more to give you more + Caster? +2 - +2.5 would be more ideal unless you have a manual steering box. I'm not sure at +1.5 Caster the car will be stable as you're on the edge. You can always add a shim to the UCA to get...
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    1973 rims. I need a picture of the backside. Can someone post one?

    For the small keeper washer(s) that keep the drums from falling off during the trip down the assembly line?
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    Trouble with alignment

    I didn't trust anyone to drive let alone align my car so I bought a Longacre camber/caster gauge and turn plates and did it myself. I know that aftermarket control arms are far from perfect. On one side I barely got 0 camber with the LCA adjuster maxed out. You think they could get the C to...
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    Trouble with alignment

    Just to be clear positive caster is the LCA forward of plum or verticle in relation to the UCA.  Front   / The car will be unstable and the steering wheel will not return to center without + Caster. Paul
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    71 -72 Chrome Bumper on my 73

    Judge I should mention its not a bolt-on and be done it requires bracket re-fab and welding. Thanks Paul