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    Hello from the Bay Area

    Hello and welcome from Lincoln Ca.
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    Kool April Nites - April 23 - May 1 - Redding, Calif.

    My car and I will be at the Civic Center Saturday soaking in the rays and drooling over what I can’t afford.
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    Kool April Nites - April 23 - May 1 - Redding, Calif.

    I'll be coming in the 28th and staying at the Holiday Inn on Hilltop Dr.
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    In search of a thread

    Thank You Midlife, I found a link to the thread but having trouble getting past the 404 error. I'll try a different route. Thanks again sir. Bru
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    In search of a thread

    One of our members did a great write up on how to retrofit the passenger sport mirror into a remote one. Could someone please point this old fart in the right direction? I have run out of search parameters to try. Bru
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    Mustang Convertible 71 rear inside trim panels w/ power windows - $450 .... Not mine

    Thought someone might need these.
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    This is Posted in Sacrmento's craiglist .... Not mine

    I would have loved to run across a parts car like this when I started my restoration.
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    New member from Visalia, CA

    Hello and Welcome from up north.
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    New member

    Hello and Welcome to the site from California. Bru
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    A/C Conversion Question

    I have a restomode and went with Classic Air. Have been very happy with it. Bru
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    Restoring Dads 1972 Mustang Mach 1

    Hello neighbor ! I too have a TCP setup front and rear. I'm in the Auburn area, between Sac and Tahoe. Hope to see you and your car sometime. Bru
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    Garage Sale

    PM sent
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    New Member from Phoenix

    Hello and Welcome from Cali. It's nice to have another west coast member. Bru
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    New guy from Missouri

    Hello and Welcome from Cali. Bru
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    Garage Sale

    Hello JasonE,  No clocks left.  Please read previous post about shipping cost for grill... I have the same problem with the valance. I do know that GrayHound ships cheaper, but the closest depot is 90 miles round trip from where the parts are. Bru
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    Garage Sale

    Hi 3k73,  The poverty caps are $40 for all four + shipping. The grill  cost way too much to ship anywhere. I got an estimate to ship it to the east coast and it was like $150 ! They don't go by the actual weight. They go by dimensional weight.  LxWxH \136 You can buy a re-pop for $165 with...
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    New member from Edmonds, WA. 1973 Mach1

    Hello and Welcome from Cali. Great looking ride. Bru
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    71-72 Mach 1 Lower Body Trim

    Yes Sir.... what you said.
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    71-72 Mach 1 Lower Body Trim

    When you get a complete set (Which I might have) I would suggest having it chromed. I did this to mine and have been very pleased with not having to mess with the iodized aluminum. Bottom line, I'm lazy. I spray the whole car with 'Protect All' and use microfiber towels to wipe and buff...